MMM version 2.0: why the participants of the «Casbee» can remain without money

© RIA Novostius Lloyds Bank in London at the address where they were supposed to be CashberyMMM version 2.0: why the participants of the «Casbee» can remain without money© RIA Novosti

The Bank of Russia in late September, found signs of financial pyramids in the work of the platform «, Casbee», and two weeks later the head of the company Arthur Vardanyan via YouTube announced that the company goes on break until November and therefore suspends the Deposit and withdrawal of funds.

It all started loud and promising. Offering up to 600% profit potential «investors», the creators of «Casbee» took the trouble to undertake aggressive advertising. Singer Nikolay Baskov has agreed to sing the national anthem «, Casbee», TV presenter Olga Buzova told about the advantages of cryptocurrency «Kasbari coin», paper and Internet advertising began to appear from, that is, each iron in the cities of Russia.

People timidly, but then more confidently carried the money, some of them took loans for this purpose. Now, however, it is unclear whether they will be able to get them back. How business «Cerberi» whether there is money in the company at the return on investment and why all this time did not believe the Central Bank and media — understood the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Too many questions

In late September, after the Director of the Department on combating unfair practices of the Central Bank Valery Lyakh told reporters that the regulator saw «Cerberi» signs of a financial pyramid, I called the company. It has not given result: the calls just stopped after the first beep. Said only room in Kazan, gave the postal address of the PR, from which most of our answers didn’t come either.

When I went to chat», Cerberi» Telegram messenger, then after a short time I realized two things. First — it is common to brag about achievements in the system, no one hesitates to pay accrued premiums. Second, they do not like journalists, wary inquiries, and messages of those who are trying at least to understand something, ruthlessly deleted by the administrators.

And questions asked do not like. From the information that there is, it turns out that «Cerberi» has followers all over Russia and even abroad — for example, in Korea, judging from the photos of the new office. Asked timidly, hoping I hadn’t deleted from the chat: «it is Terrible to invest money. «Cerberi» hour, not a divorce?»

I answered about a dozen people. As for the General chat and in private messages. They all in one voice told a similar story: at first did not believe, then invested, and then regretted not doing it sooner.

«My husband almost everything in «Casbee» and dismissed by many, and one even opened an office in our city. They just want to move, prevent many «Cerberi», and it is clear to all. People take at banks large credits and investing in «Casbee», and with the banks pay for four months and not five years», — told me one of the participants of the chat.

Trying to believe this incredible story, trying to understand where the money comes from, if, the assurances of users, they consistently pay for more than a year. On the website «Cerberi» it is proposed to make an «investment» in several tariff plans, which aim at granting microloans to individuals or businesses or investments in the cryptocurrency market. The percentage of return up to 600%, say on the website. In this case, the money deducted from 200 to 400 days and at the end of the term paid.

Something’s not right here.

«And you can meet with someone in Moscow in the office for a consultation?» — I write in the chat.

Late. Maybe I need to find the right door?

«Casbee» is here?

«Hydrocolor?» — I asked the security guard.

Do not understand anything. What other «GidroOGK»?

Well, in another way it «Herakovic,» he mumbled.

Coworking? Huge financial Empire in a small rented room? Judging by the list on the mailbox «Gidromatik», there is a dozen of companies. The word «Cerberi». Where do I go?

But I finally met. We find ourselves in a small room with sofas and pass into the room to talk. Sit in a chair, and it all becomes clear. Two girls in front of me — not an employee of the company who will give me all of her secrets, and the managers of the network structure of the company 15-th and 9-th level. The conversation is one that is older than «rank».

Here girls come to talk with those who in the future will be to make the right decisions. And push on these decisions I have information that in Russia with the possibilities of getting rich really is not. I throw in the idea that banks on the Deposit give a very low percentage, and the girls gladly pick it. Then our discussion reveals a whole heap of problems: people in the regions receive a monthly salary of 15 thousand rubles, «insidious power» are doing everything to send people to the polls on plants and do not give anyone to earn.

«What conclusion? We live in a pyramid», — concludes his reasoning Manager. Not a new argument that pensioners in Europe get a lot and enjoy life, and we have, like, beg on the streets, becomes the icing on this tempting cake. After all, to solve all the problems at hand: only need to register on the famous site and invest a comfortable amount. While not forced to do — it’s up to you. Complete financial freedom. How here to resist?

I wonder what the company response to the statement of the Central Bank. I am informed that the media can be to the fullest extent of the law to attract for libel because neither the Central Bank nor the Prosecutor General’s office about the «Casbee» on their websites allegedly did not publish anything.

With Ninevolume street in Rostov-on-don, where, according to the instructions on the website have to be the main office of LLC «Kasbari,» the tenants left a few years ago, said an employee of the lessor, which was presented by the ina.

«Cerberi» was there, but as far as I know, they moved out,» she said, adding that he did not know where they are now.

In the building currently there is no office specified in the documents of the organization, No. 121, said Inna. According to her, a long time nobody was interested, however, in the summer, everything changed. «People come in, «Cerberi» you ask. I say they moved out. Ask, where to look,» she said, adding that people of different ages, some come in cars, others come on foot.

© RIA Novostius Lloyds Bank in London at the address where they were supposed to be CashberyMMM version 2.0: why the participants of the «Casbee» can remain without money© RIA Novostius Lloyds Bank in London at the address where they were supposed to be Cashbery

High-rise building Dubai, where he was to be the office of «Casbee», is right on the main road of Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road. A lively place, especially since the building is a luxury hotel Dubai, in addition to offices. Next to a skyscraper, the Grand Sheraton Hotel.

The correspondent managed to climb to the desired floor, but to approach to the office — no. Continue not missed the staff of the building may be held only by those who work there.

«Yes, there was the office of «Casbee», but they moved out over a month ago. It was more like two or three people, perhaps one of them was an Indian,» — said the representative of the administration.

MMM version 2.0: why the participants of the «Casbee» can remain without money© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotobank microblog Mavrodi announced the reopening of its projectapi company has been here for long, he said. «Now it’s empty and take», — said the representative of the office complex.

At in London, which was a registered company Limited Cashbery and Cashbery International Limited is a large office of the British Bank Lloyd’s.

At the reception, the correspondent of RIA Novosti said that indeed a company called Cashbery rented offices here, but about a year ago moved out.

«Yes, that company was here, but they left about a year ago. Present location unknown,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Finances sing romances

Two days before «Cerberi» decided to go on «vacation», I decided to check what happens if you take a loan on the website. If you try to register it on the name of Ivan Ivanov, after all the manipulations with the data the site asks to see your credit contract MKK «Chrysolite». The documents confirming the fact of introduction of the «Chrysolite» and the «Sardonyx» in the register of microfinance organizations, in addition, posted on the community», Cerberi» the social network «Vkontakte».

MMM version 2.0: why the participants of the «Casbee» can remain without money© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev the court in Rostov-on-don received a claim on blocking two sites «Cerberi»»micro-credit company (ICC), referred to in the request, for the entire period of the existence of microfinance activities is not carried out. This is a violation of the relevant legislation», — told RIA Novosti press-service of the Bank of Russia in response to the query about these companies.

The requirements of the regulator, «Chrysolite» and «Sardonyx» repeatedly pursued, for which he paid with the exception of the registry. Also, the Central Bank confirmed in response to a request of transmission of information about «Cerberi» to law enforcement.

«Information on the activities of the group of companies «Cerberi» signs of financial pyramids were also transferred to the Prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of internal Affairs. In addition, we transferred to the Prosecutor General’s office documents relating to the distribution of illegal information on the websites «cerberi.of the Russian Federation» and At the same time, these organizations are not regulated by the Bank of Russia, therefore we do not announce on the official website, what actions we take with respect to them», — have informed in a press-service of the Central Bank.

Yet these two companies remain in the registry of legal entities (EGRUL). From a legal point of view, the loan with the organization, which had its license revoked (or, in the case of microfinance companies — if it is excluded from the registry), may be considered illegal business activities and become the cause for excitation of criminal case, the partner of legal company «Nektorov, Saveliev and partners» Dmitry Gladkov.

«If we carry out such activities without a license, all transactions that were concluded without a license, will be declared invalid because of a legal entity, there was no dedicated capacity in order to implement this activity. This is the first. And the second, such activities may be considered illegal business activities — including criminal punishment,» said Gladkov.

According to him, issuance and reception loans — the right of every legal entity and requires no special permissions, but not if they occur systematically.

In turn, the website platform», Cerberi» can violate the law on advertising, offering such services, says a member of the Association of lawyers of Russia and the General Director of legal company «NP advice» Natalia pantyukhina.

«In the case of «Casbee» violated the advertising law in terms of dissemination of false advertising of financial services: the site has no information about the person providing services, there is no evidence of revocation of the license, concealed the fact of exclusion from the register of MFIs, promised high returns and more — this is stated in articles 5 and 28 of the law,» she explained.

MMM version 2.0: why the participants of the «Casbee» can remain without money© Video frame RFV, the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Penza region arrested the organizers of a financial paramedicine cases handled by the Federal Antimonopoly service, which can bring the company to justice without the involvement of law enforcement. However, the amount of the fine in this case small, recognize pantjuhina: it is imposed in the amount from 100 to 800 thousand rubles to the company and «does not stimulate to refuse advertising in any form.»

On the website «Cerberi» mentioned another microcredit organization partner of the ICC «Warsaw». However, its Internet site States that the new loans temporarily not issued. Were given they ever do is the big question. If you look at the base of the BIR system analyst of the Agency «Prime» and see statements of this company, by the end of 2017, the balance sheet amounted to 50 thousand rubles — the amount of the share capital.

LLC «Cerberi» with which a potential investor enters into a contract, was in Rostov-on-don, according to the documents, is acting on behalf of the English company Cashbery Limited, capital which is stated in one (!) pounds. The founder of the London company — Arthur Vardanyan, the media face of the holding. His name was company Cashbery International Limited with a capital of one billion pounds, but in Russia on her behalf, no one seems valid.

If you start to unravel the tangle from the other end, namely with the ICC, «Warsaw», it turns out that the phone number of the company’s recorded with several microfinance institutions in Moscow. Some of them revealed a mass registration address, many have been closed by order of the FTS.

It turns out that nobody knows where the «Casbee» money to launch new products like their own cryptocurrency, online banking, start-up playgrounds, shops of jewellery and luxury cosmetics Cashbery Wellness, maintenance of offices in London and Dubai. It seems that there is no public source of information, which would allow to make sure that the company has funds to pay all users of the platform.

I must say that with the withdrawal of the «Casbee» things were not as easy as it may seem. The official withdrawal to a Bank card is about five percent, so users inside the chat rooms organized by managers, exchanging the domestic currency into rubles by barter. The participants of the platform are forced to buy insurance for their deposits, otherwise they are frozen for a few days.

MMM version 2.0: why the participants of the «Casbee» can remain without money© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotobanka Kuban organizers of a financial pyramid stole more than a billion Rublevka is not frightened participants of the chat «Cerberi»: they gleefully published photos of large sums of money, do not hurry to withdraw them, and investing new funds received. The opinions of the doubters have tried to remove from the chat, but the doubters — blocked. On October 10, administrators of chat announced that it «temporarily unable to write, only administrators» so they decided to stop the flow of messages to some users about what cards of the savings Bank are not sent the money.

And the next day in the channel «, Cerberi» on YouTube appeared a video in which the Chairman of the company Arthur Vardanyan addressed to users, saying that the company after a two-week media frenzy suspends the work for three weeks to put in order business processes.

«We have to go on a three week vacation to recover blocked account and create the payment infrastructure to begin execution of the financial obligations to investors. The first of November we will launch the ability to withdraw funds from your personal account and try to make it work in the same mode. It is a temporary measure which we have been used to restore our infrastructure,» said Vardanyan.

The results of the work

«Results of work» — so titled video message Vardanyan. Does this mean that the holiday is «Cerberi» perpetual now, despite promises? Perhaps not, but judging by how it is arranged «business processes» of the company, it may be that, in addition to attracted from the money people, the company nothing in the portfolio is no more.

MMM version 2.0: why the participants of the «Casbee» can remain without money© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in fotobank GD told how to regulate the work of these «Cerberi» group is, in turn, may mean that the company may not have the mindset to return the money from the beginning.

If operators borrowed money was only mentioned a micro-credit company, the facts in open access suggests that no microloans at high interest rates actually issued. If so, such large yields could not be — it is probably just a publicity stunt.

As previously stated RIA Novosti, Valery Lyakh from the Central Bank, the users of the platform «, Cerberi» can potentially lose up to billion, but possibly much more. Now it is not known whether users of the platform to make the right decision after November 1. Because if «Cerberi» — really a pyramid scheme, victims will be all at once at one point, when justice will be too late.

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