Riyadh called lies of the media reports about the orders to kill the journalist

© AP Photo / Hassan Ammar, FileСаудовская Arabia. Archival photoRiyadh called lies of the media reports about the orders to kill the journalist© AP Photo / Hassan Ammar, File

The Minister of internal Affairs of Saudi Arabia Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Naif bin Abdelaziz has condemned the attacks by some media in the Kingdom in connection with the disappearance of a Saudi journalist Jamal Casucci, reported Saudi news Agency SPA.

Previously, a number of Arab and us media reported that the Saudi authorities tried to lure criticized from abroad, the activities of the crown Prince of a journalist to his homeland to deal with it.

«The information that is being discussed in the media, about the alleged presence of orders to kill him — lies and accusations, under which there is no justification, in relation to the government of the Kingdom, abide by the principles, traditions, international charters,» said he.

The Minister noted that Saudi Arabia is cooperating with Turkey in the investigation of this case through the joint expert group and other official channels. However, he asked the media to speak the truth and not try to influence the course of the investigation.

Abdelaziz stressed the desire of the Kingdom «to establish the full truth in the case of missing Saudi citizen Casucci».

Casucci, who works as a columnist American newspaper the Washington Post and 2017 lives in the USA, went missing in Turkey on 2 October. According to the bride of a Saudi journalist, the staff of the Consulate was invited on the eve Casucci for paperwork, and it is the building is not allowed. After five hours of waiting, one of the consular employees told her that Casucci already gone, waiting for him to no longer need.

According to authorities in Saudi Arabia, Casucci disappeared after he left the Consulate, and diplomatic mission was cooperating with the Turkish authorities to clarify the circumstances of his disappearance. However, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Saudi Arabia needs to prove his innocence in the disappearance of the journalist. As the representative of the Turkish foreign Ministry Hami Aksoy, Turkey has received from Saudi Arabia the permission to visit its Consulate in Istanbul in connection with the disappearance Casucci.

On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that the Turkey told US about the availability of audio and video confirming the torture and death of the journalist. According to the source Newspapers, records confirm that after Casucci went to the Consulate on October 2, he was killed and dismembered.