Saratov dismissed the Minister found two replacements

© Photo : Ministry of employment, labour and migration of Saratov blastminer of employment, labour and migration of Saratov region Natalia Sokolova. Archive photoSaratov dismissed the Minister found two replacements© Photo : Ministry of employment, labour and migration of Saratov region

To entrust the execution of the duties of the Minister of labour, employment and migration of the Saratov region can the Deputy Minister Natalia an Krivitsky, not the first Deputy, as previously reported, said the source RIA Novosti the regional government.

The need to seek a new candidate for the post arose after the previous Minister — Natalia Sokolova — dismissed. The reason for this was published on the Internet a video where Sokolov argues with the Deputy of regional Parliament from the Communist party Nikolay Bondarenko on the amount, sufficient for life during the month. The official expressed the opinion that to satisfy «the minimum physiological needs» enough 3.5 thousand rubles per month.

Irresponsible waiting for tough measures

The Governor of the region Valery Radaev called unacceptable neglect of themes of vital importance for people.

«Those who forgets about responsibility, action will be taken in the hard», — quoted words Radaev in his press service.

After the scandal fell through the website of the government of the Saratov region, to restore the work which succeeded only in the second half of the day. Experts believe that problems with access were associated with too many wanting to go to the page.

The Ministry of labour of the region after the resignation of its leader noted that the recruitment of the food basket to calculate the subsistence minimum are defined at the Federal level, and the size of the subsistence minimum is calculated in the region based on local prices, while both values are technical and are used for calculations of social benefits.

«Normal is «makaroshki» from morning till evening»

The conflict between two politicians, said the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. He urged the authorities to work on the welfare of the people.

«The government must do everything for the citizens every day to live better, richer, and better fed. The prosperity of each must become the ideology of our country. And offer to tighten the belt tighter and tighter, to be interrupted by the fact that there is a wrong approach,» wrote Zhirinovsky in his Telegram channel.

He stressed that a living wage will provide an opportunity «not to starve», but will not be able to provide adequate nutrition.

«Of course, people may in the morning until the evening is «makaroshki», vegetable soup and porridge, and will not die, but is this normal? This should strive for? And if the work is heavy physical labour is associated? Work at the plant, a driver, a miner <…> Yes, just a normal adult man who has a family, housework, work — he needs rich, good, varied food,» concluded Zhirinovsky.