The G20 is planning to approve a road map for improving infrastructure

© AP Photo / Natacha Eve in Buenos Aires. Archival photoThe G20 is planning to approve a road map for improving infrastructure© AP Photo / Natacha Pisarenko

The agenda of the G20 summit in November 2018 in Buenos Aires will contain a question on the road map on improving the quality of infrastructure, told reporters Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak after a meeting, «financial twenty».

«They’re definitely going on the summit to adopt a «roadmap» for infrastructure. It will be in different guises, but the key element — as I see it — Argentina (chairing the G20 in 2018 — ed.) would like to start the processes associated with the standardization of different aspects of implementation of infrastructure projects,» he said.

The standards can be fixed norms, for example, on the order of exit of the government in changing the political situation, and other issues.

The main objective is to make worldwide rules of the game were the same, the Deputy Minister said. «This, according to many, makes it easy to connect the private sector to invest in infrastructure,» — said Storchak.

He noted that the Japanese side stated the importance of the settlement of questions of «quality infrastructure». «We now just have to decipher what it is. Rather, it is that the return on … the equivalent of the nested monetary unit should be high. Maybe it is, maybe the life expectancy of the physical infrastructure,» — said the Deputy Minister.