«This is my destiny». Private donors biomaterial seed trade secret from wives

© Photo from personal archivelog Filatov«This is my destiny». Private donors biomaterial seed trade secret from wives© Photo from personal archive

«Will help with conception. Thirty-five years old, healthy, don’t smoke, drink, have their own business» ads from private sperm donors can be found on many women’s forums. Some volunteers are ready to give your seed absolutely free, others for a fee. Promise to hightail it to another city, to help «to achieve results» or to make «test-tube baby was» heir of his fortune.

RIA Novosti learned what really motivates the men who go to private sperm donors, and how to treat their wives.

«People come from all over the country»

Online ads with offers to «help in the conception» of hundreds. All the volunteers boast a perfect body type, no bad habits, successful career.

«A professional athlete, 30 years old, honored master of sports of wrestling. Height — 185 cm, weight — 98 kilograms. Eyes — light blue, education — MBA, blood group o positive».

«I have a business, higher education — specialist in the field of information technology, fluent English, conversational German, the Muscovite. For a woman who will give birth to and raise my (genetically) child, — the material and spiritual support. Have a successful experience of donation».

Some volunteers ready upon request to provide photos of their children, others become coming donor dads kids. About yourself Sergei tells the following: «the family is healthy, beautiful and talented children (a son and two daughters). Have a positive experience of organ donation — had two girls. Russian, higher education, height 175 cm, weight 65 kg, blood I (+), light brown hair, grey eyes, athletic build, adhere to a healthy lifestyle».

In the first message sends photos of children, and both native and donor. About anonymity, he apparently did not hear. Learn that talking to a journalist who asks not to publish his real name and surname. Wife about his «donor project» doesn’t know.

Sergey lives in Kostroma, works as a programmer. Says from day to day waiting for the birth of another baby on the way, and adds: «And in March 2019, the daughter needs to be born.»

Its popularity as a donor, explains simply: «sperm banks you can’t see the man, who then pass on their genes to the child, is prohibited by the rules of the institution. The maximum you can show childhood photos of the donor. I am a woman can chat live before you decide on such a big step.»


Go, says Sergei, to it from all over Russia: «In that year, the girl from Novosibirsk came almost three days in the train in one direction spent. Another couple was from St. Petersburg. They chose me because the character I look like the head of the family, and he’s sterile.»

According to Sergei, Khamis mushait, the couple arrived in the company of another woman. She acted as a mediator in the transmission of genetic material. «They rented an apartment in my city, but whom I have not seen. The jar with the seed taken accompanying. Wanted husband to respect anonymity,» explains the donor.

Michael, another donor, was presented so: «Hair brown, eyes gray-green, occasionally play sports, ride a bike, monitor health, take vitamins». That the candidate is engaged in sports only occasionally, noticeable even under a t-shirt belly. Also a donor to the reason indicated in the questionnaire that he «loves socializing, nature, listening to music, travel».

Almost immediately after the beginning of the conversation Michael refers to the Dachshund. As it turns out, their services are prone to early baldness and completeness of the man is not free. One meeting is estimated at 2500-3000 rubles. And warns: you will need at least three. Anyway in this process it is better to perform all, as bequeathed to mother nature. No tubes! Michael teaches «the natural approach».

«Of course, I work with women who prefer the method of artificial insemination, but the natural way, believe me, more reliable! This is not only my reasoning, I can tell you from experience with doctors, including candidates of medical Sciences».

Already in the fifth minute of the correspondence of Michael, a hardened womanizer, offers to go to «you» to «discuss the details». Learning that corresponded with a journalist, donor immediately interrupts the conversation. And even erases all your messages.

The following «volunteer of the reproductive front» is Paul. He calls himself not only as a donor-dad. Assured that has not left even a single child: «the Eldest daughter I a cottage was built. For the others, too, have property and business!» He has positioned himself as an entrepreneur, however, about what kind of field are his business interests, says vaguely: «How will the mother of my child, then everything will show. Briefly, this construction, children’s centres, cafes».

The question of whether he is practising artificial insemination, leads the donor into a rage: «Women who don’t want to conceive a child the normal way, place in the nuthouse, not to be a mom and raise another moron!» With motifs of Paul it becomes clear.

However, any donor of a baby he is not yet born. He’s just too is responsible for the selection of the partner: «there Were two offers, but in both cases I had to act as a donor for surrogate mothers. I sought information about parents, which then will raise the child, but was refused. I need to know my child well for him in the family.»

Another time to him for help turned thirty-five the woman who already has two children: «I directly asked her why she wants to have another one? It turned out that in this case her mother should give apartment. I, too, refused. Is it a crime to give birth for selfish purposes.»

The only caveat is practicing the Alexander conception of pure natural way: «I believe that everything should happen as nature intended».

In groups, you can find ads not only from men but also from women. So, Elena (name changed) is looking for a donor for his daughter. «She’s 37, a permanent partner no privacy anyhow who doesn’t want to admit. Moreover, it is self-sufficient, so it is very difficult to love. But you think it’s time», — explains in a conversation with RIA Novosti, the girl’s mother.

Elena says as long as the potential biological father has not chosen, consider a few candidates: «Among the donors are different. From one man and all remained negative for residue, he began to be rude. I even give him the admin complained.»

Volunteers for serving the semen to pay three thousand rubles. «But you need to understand that the quality of the donor is hard to find, so usually he takes not one or two doses of the genetic material. We this material is frozen in liquid nitrogen and use within ten to fifteen years,» says Chogovadze.

As for private donors, the most that they can give women, tests for sexually transmitted infections. «But they are easy to fake, with malicious intent. Unfortunately, this is not possible, donors can have their hidden bad motives. For example, six years ago, a man from Denmark with a hereditary genetic disease a sperm donor in Danish reproductive Bank. If he had normal genetic testing, of course, weed out. In the end, with the help of its material was conceived about one hundred children, half revealed the same disease,» cites the example of the specialist.

Turning to the clinic, you need to know that you will never see a photo of the donor, in adulthood, only children. This is done to keep the identity of a volunteer in secret. «But in sperm banks for each donor tends to fill up the questionnaire on ten to fifteen sheets, which describes in detail everything from the shape of the skull to hair color» — clarifies Chogovadze.

There is also a point «on which of the famous personalities like the donor». He appeared in the questionnaire in order to make to visualize the described type. According to the Director of the reproductive Bank for all the years of work did not appeal to him no woman with a request to find a donor similar to Jason Statham or johnny Depp: «Max brought a photo of the deceased husband and asked to pick up a man like him.»

There is another danger private donation: no one can guarantee that the biological father then you will not be claiming the child. Or after his age, being unemployed, does not file for child support and will not require it to contain. «The court may order the defendant to pay 25 percent of the salary man, whom he never even saw, but who once participated in his birth,» warns Chogovadze.

The only negative cooperation with the clinics. If private donors are willing to give their seed absolutely free, in sperm banks for serving with women will be asked a minimum of 20 thousand rubles.