The Navalny case of libel being prepared for transfer to court

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi in fotobelka Bulk. Archival photoThe Navalny case of libel being prepared for transfer to court© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi the image Bank

A criminal libel case brought against Alexei Navalny, two years ago and now prepares for transfer to court, told RIA Novosti on Monday a former investigator of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Pavel Karpov, who plays the victim in this case.

Today Navalny wrote in his Twitter account that his lawyer called the investigator of the interior Ministry and instructed «to report for participation in investigative action», namely in the arraignment. He expressed the opinion that the criminal proceedings instituted in order to «dig (his) computer» and then «die in two years.»

«In may 2016 me had applied, in the same year I was recognized as injured party in the case… It had to be transferred to the court, but the case was returned to remedy any violations. Now, as I understand it, it again needs to refer to the court», — said Karpov, on whose statement a case and initiated.

The reason for going to the police Karpov began publishing, in which Navalny accused him of «a number of grave and especially grave crimes» — corruption, kidnapping and murder of former Hermitage Capital lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. According to the former investigator, the Meshchansky court of Moscow found this information false and discrediting his honor and dignity.

In November 2016, the lawyer Bulk Vadim Kobzev said that the Prosecutor’s office returned the case of libel the investigation for further investigation and refused to send materials to the court. After this news on this in the media for a long time until today.

Navalny already have two conditional conviction: five years for «Kirovles» and «Yves Rocher». All charges he strongly denies, considering his criminal prosecution was politically motivated. The first case involved the embezzlement of more than 16 million rubles, the second — with the theft of more than 30 million rubles.