In Saratov, the village declared quarantine from-for a mad camel

© Fotolia / Duncan NoakesВерблюд. Archival photoIn Saratov, the village declared quarantine from-for a mad camel© Fotolia / Duncan Noakes

The Saratov region Governor Valery Radaev signed a decree on the introduction in the village of Ivanteyevka quarantine around the site of a private company, after the detection there of rabies in the camel, says the document, published on the official website of the publisher region «news of the Saratov province».

«In connection with the establishment of rabies in the camel, fallen on the territory of OOO «Merv»… I hereby decree: 1. To declare the territory a radius of 500 meters from the «Merv», located on the street of Ashgabat, the house 21, the village Ivanteevka Ivanteyevka municipal district of the Saratov region affected by the disease rabies and quarantine,» — said in the decree.

According to the document, in unsuccessful point in a radius of a kilometer from it forbade the exhibitions of dogs and cats, pet trade, export of dogs and cats outside this area and there catching wild animals for export to zoos or resettlement in other areas.