In the state Duma told about the timing of the adoption of the draft on the circulation of «laughing gas»

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in photobacteria of the state Duma of the Russian Federation. Archival photoIn the state Duma told about the timing of the adoption of the draft on the circulation of «laughing gas»© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

In the state Duma expect to adopt the bill on trafficking, and banning advertising of «laughing gas» in the autumn session, said at the press conference Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee for the control and regulation Natalia Kostenko.

Earlier, the Deputy introduced the lower house of the Parliament a package of bills aimed against propaganda, free the sale and purchase of nitrous oxide as a means of entertainment. Changes are proposed to the administrative code and the Federal law «On advertising», have also prepared the project of the Federal law «About restriction of turnover of nitrous oxide in the Russian Federation».

«We look forward to it (the adoption of the law in the autumn session), because prohibitively long of a debate. In 2012 is also very actively raised this issue, but over the fact that the CPS has issued its internal act, a letter to the local authorities, which recognized that the dissemination of nitrous oxide for use not to destination is evidence of a crime,» — said Kostenko.

However, she added, turning to the courts, law enforcement was refused, as «the letter of Rospotrebnadzor — this letter of Rospotrebnadzor», it has no legal force.

The member of the interdepartmental working group of the State anti-drug Committee on prevention, leading researcher at Moscow scientific-practical center for narcology of the Department of health of the city of Moscow Yulia Shevtsova said that the use of nitrous oxide «stimulates further consumption.» In psychological terms, she explained, the danger is that any use of psychoactive substances for the purpose of entertainment «opens the way to greater drugs».

«Forming a dependence, despite the fact that the effect of nitrous oxide decreases, and the person has already entered the realm where, most likely, and the drugs too, the probability of involvement in anesthesia grows many times over. That is the danger of nitrous oxide from a medical point of view», — said Shevtsova.