Trump praised the Congressman for assaulting journalist

© AP Photo / Carolyn KasterПрезидент USA Donald trump and Republican Congressman Greg Gianforte during a speech in Montana. 18 Oct 2018Trump praised the Congressman for assaulting journalist© AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster

The President of the United States Donald trump praised the Congressman-Republican Greg Gianforte for wrestling against the journalist of the Guardian newspaper, Ben Jacobs. About it reports USA Today.

Here’s the video of Trump on Greg Gianforte body slamming Ben Jacobs: «Any guy that can do a body slam, he’s my kind of guy.»

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) 19 Oct 2018.

Trump called the policy a «great guy» and «tough nut».

«Greg is smart, and, by the way, never try to overcome it. The one who can make this throw — one of the guys,» said the President, speaking to supporters in Montana.

The incident took place in 2017 at the headquarters of the Congressman in Montana. According to the reporter, he tried to ask Gianforte question, and he jumped on him and threw on the floor, breaking the glasses journalist.

The politician has pleaded guilty and publicly apologized for the act, but also donated fifty thousand dollars to the Committee to protect journalists.