Mironov called the qualities necessary policy

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The Chairman of the party and head of the parliamentary faction «Fair Russia» Sergei Mironov said that going into politics only for the sake of career, it makes no sense — we need to love people.

On Saturday, Mironov met with the participants of the Patriotic all-Russian interethnic youth camp «Generation», in an informal setting, answered questions of young leaders and shared with them insights from your political experience.

«Very often people ask me what qualities you need to have to become a politician. The main quality you need to love people. If you are going into politics only for the sake of career, it is better not to do» — the words of Mironov’s press service.

According to the MP, the aim of this camp is to give boys the understanding of inter-ethnic communication, what problems exist in this area.

«The friendship of peoples is first and foremost a friendship of people. Young men and women who come here, learn, share experiences and plans. Here there is the most inter-ethnic communication, which traditionally and understandably for our country», — said the Deputy.