Chief engineer of the plant «Avangard» in Gatchina sent under house arrest

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Galleryparty in photobackpack and rescue activities of fire-rescue units of EMERCOM of Russia at the factory of pyrotechnics of the avant-garde in Leningrad region, where the explosion occurred. 19 Oct 2018Chief engineer of the plant «Avangard» in Gatchina sent under house arrest© RIA Novosti / Alexander Galleryparty the image Bank

Chief engineer, arrested in the case about the explosion at the plant «Avangard» in the Leningrad region sent under house arrest, reported on the website of the SUCK of the Russian Federation for the Leningrad region.

The explosion at the plant «Avangard», which produces the pyrotechnics in the Gatchina district of the Leningrad region took place on Friday. The representative of the emergency services of the region told RIA Novosti that according to sources, the explosion at the plant injured ten adults and one child. Four were reported dead.

In a criminal case about the explosion at the plant charged with the chief engineer of the enterprise, which allowed to work in the shop of fireworks a few people not employed at the factory and do not have associated tolerances.

«Today, with the consideration of the petition of the investigator of the TFR on election accused a preventive measure in the form of house arrest, after hearing the views of the parties, the court considered the arguments of the investigation are convincing and the motion,» — said in the message.

Earlier, the representative of management SK across Leningrad region has told RIA Novosti that the chief engineer admitted his guilt.