«Electrozinc» in Vladikavkaz has promised to help the families of the deceased rescuer

© Photo : MOE Assistrance fire service in extinguishing a fire at the elektrotsink plant in Vladikavkaz. October 21, 2018«Electrozinc» in Vladikavkaz has promised to help the families of the deceased rescuer© Photo : Russian emergencies Ministry

The management of the plant «Electrozinc» in Vladikavkaz promises to help the relatives of the rescuer who died Sunday fighting a fire at the enterprise, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the plant.

The fire at the plant broke out in the night on Sunday, originally it covered an area estimated at 500 square meters, then increased to 1 thousand square meters, then up to 4.5 thousand. During the fighting killed one firefighter and two others injured. According to the MOE, in 13.12, the fire was localized and completely eradicated in 15.33.

The plant thanked the staff of the Ministry and the head of the Republican Ministry Alexander Corugea for the professional and selfless actions while putting out the fire.

«Thanks to well organized work managed to localize and then to stop the fire and not let the fire spread to other buildings and structures of the plant. Mourn with them over the death of their colleagues. For his part, stressed the Director of «Electrozinc» Igor Khadyka, the families of the deceased rescuers will support the enterprise», – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to «Electrozink», fire brigades have already left the territory of the plant, left two units to control the situation.