In Taiwan, 18 people died in the derailment

© REUTERS / CHUNG CHOUНа BEING the site of the derailment of high-speed trains Puyuma Express in Northern Taiwan. 21 Oct 2018In Taiwan, 18 people died in the derailment© REUTERS / BEING CHUNG CHOU

Eighteen people died, 160 were injured in a railway accident in Taiwan, where for unknown reasons speed train, Puyuma Express derailed, according to railway administration of Taiwan.

Earlier it was reported about three victims.

The incident occurred at 16.50 local time (11.50 GMT) in Yilan County in the North of the island, near the station «Cinema» in the village of Xinjiang. The train was heading from the city of Shulin to Taitung. The cause of PE is still unknown.

According to rescuers, it is difficult to assess how many people are affected, since about 40 people could still be inside the overturned carriages.

It is reported that in the high-speed train had eight cars, five of them overturned. In the videos on social networks shows that the overturned carriages lay on its side on the tracks, two railway tracks damaged.

Near the scene on pieces of tissue are affected, next to them are the rescuers and medics.