«The diagnosis put a watch». The cardiologist told how to identify heart problems

© Depositphotos / stevanovicigorБольное heart«The diagnosis put a watch». The cardiologist told how to identify heart problems© Depositphotos / stevanovicigor

Mortality from cardiovascular diseases in Russia has declined, but is still in first place. According to the academician of RAS, Director of the oldest clinics of hospital therapy name Ostroumova, Yury Belenkova, we have already passed the epidemic of coronary heart disease and are experiencing an epidemic of hypertension. In fact, every second in the country over the age of 50 years suffers from high blood pressure.

About the most dangerous diseases for Russians, polypyrole and new developments in the field of cardiology Belenkov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

— Interesting developments in medicine are many. Tomorrow I can come to the patient and say, «Doctor, I have a-FIB». — «And where did you get that?» — «Watch show». This year the Food and Drug Administration, there is such a controlling organization, which certifies the quality of medicines, food and medical equipment, has certified the Apple watch to diagnose atrial fibrillation. There is a humorous forecast: 2018 — watches learned to diagnose atrial fibrillation, 2020, began to prescribe drugs, 2030 — in the Congress of the American Association of cardiologists of the active participation of thousands of the Apple Watch.

— There are two main cardiac diseases: atherosclerosis and its manifestations (myocardial infarction and stroke) and arterial hypertension, which most affected the Russians. The first problem helps to cope the opening of major vascular centers. There are regions where it has dramatically reduced the mortality from myocardial infarction.
When I came in cardiology, 46 years ago, the death rate from heart attack was 55 percent. Now in the vascular centres, the mortality is ten to eleven per cent, in the leading centers of the world — up to four percent. Today the most important and annoying as arterial hypertension. In other words, high blood pressure.

According to new data, blood pressure readings begins from 130 to 85. Hypertension — 140 over 90. The norm is 120 over 80. About 70 percent of people unaware of their elevated pressure, unfortunately, about 50 percent are on medications that have appointed themselves. And only seven to 12 percent visit a doctor and treated.

— In one interview you said that domestic production of medical equipment and drugs — a matter of national security. What is changing in this area?

We live in an open world and, of course, no country can produce everything. Medicine is no exception. There are vital technologies that we have to produce themselves. It’s really a safety issue. For example, antibiotics, blood products, analgesics. This also applies to equipment. The best solution is, of course, we need to produce CT and MRI equipment. We had the slogan «Domestic is the best». The first part of this phrase we have kept the second forgot.