Trump unhappy with how Riyadh treats murder Casucci

© AP Photo / Andrew Naked USA Donald trumpTrump unhappy with how Riyadh treats murder Casucci© AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

The US President Donald trump said that he was not happy with the way Saudi Arabia treats the murder of a Saudi journalist Jamal Casucci.

State media in Saudi Arabia has spread in the night of Saturday the message of the Prosecutor General of the country that, according to preliminary data, Casucci dead, and his death brought an unplanned altercation with the staff of the Consulate. In this case arrested the 18 people who questioned, the Saudi authorities seek to establish the truth and bring to justice all those responsible.

«No, I’m not satisfied (the actions of the authorities of Saudi Arabia — ed.) until then, until we get answers. But it was the first big step, it was a good first step. But I want to find out the answer,» he told reporters on Saturday.

Trump did not rule out that the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia actually was not aware of the circumstances around the death of Casucci. The US President noted that he was unaware of the whereabouts of the body of the journalist.

Saudi journalist Casucci was a columnist for the American newspaper the Washington Post and 2017 were living in the United States. He criticized the actions of the Saudi authorities after the appointment of the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Casucci went missing in Turkey on 2 October after he had come to the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul for the documents for re-marriage. With him to the Consulate came his bride, a citizen of Turkey, but it was not allowed in the Embassy building. She waited a journalist for five hours, then went to the police, when the consular officer told her that Hakuji already gone.

For more than two weeks, the leadership of Saudi diplomatic missions in Turkey claimed that the journalist left the Consulate, and the day after the disappearance Casucci crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in an interview with Bloomberg, expressed confidence that the journalist left the Consulate alive, and it is not in the Kingdom.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that Turkey had told the US about the presence of audio and video confirming the torture and death of the journalist. According to the source Newspapers, records confirm that after Casucci went to the Consulate on October 2, he was killed and dismembered.