A court in Moscow ordered the organizer «Invasions» to pay RAO 7.2 million rubles

© Fotolia / sebraСтатуэтка goddess of justice Themis. Archival photoA court in Moscow ordered the organizer «Invasions» to pay RAO 7.2 million rubles© Fotolia / sebra

The Moscow arbitration court the claim of the Russian author’s society (RAO) to recover from the company «Modern broadcasting technologies and systems» (STTK), the organizer of the rock festival «Invasion-2017», more than 7.2 million rubles, RIA news from the courtroom.

As explained by the representative of RAO in the court, the organization entered into a license agreement with STTK, which provided the company the right to public performance of musical works. Under the agreement, the INCREASE was to pay RAO 5% of the gross yield from the sale of tickets for the payment of royalties. Earlier in RAO reported that the festival organizers paid to the company 884 330 rubles.

The representative of RAO announced that the organizer «Invasions» reported about only 7 thousand tickets. Thus in the public domain, according to the plaintiff, said to the audience of the festival in 200 thousand people. Lawyer RAO said in court that IT is in breach of contract refused to provide source documentation on the sold tickets, including forms of strict accountability.

When calculating the amount of the claim, as explained by the plaintiff, RAO came from the circulation of printed tickets – 100 thousand pieces (this information is specified on the form of tickets) and the minimum ticket price, called the organizers, in 1650 rubles. Of the total circulation of tickets, the plaintiff deducted 7 thousand tickets, which STTK reported and made a payment, and 2 thousands free invitation.

The representative of the defendant before the court on Tuesday did not come. As the judge said, the defendant also has not executed the court ruling, which he was obliged to submit documents — a set of unsold tickets, stubs, books of account, acts with ticket operators, acts of transfer of the implementation of acts of return. The decision of the court of first instance will come into force in a month, if it is not appealed. Comments STTK the Agency does not have.

RAO — accredited by the state organization for collection of remuneration in favor of authors of musical works.