«Beat old people – I stood up». As national heroes are in the dock

© Photo : Ksenia Gorelova / / onlinedating Dmitry Kondratenko«Beat old people – I stood up». As national heroes are in the dock© Photo : Ksenia Gorelova / Berdsk-online

In September a resident of the city Klintsy Leonid Shepel saved 88-year-old Clara Salamouny Melamed from beating a drunken brawler. He faces trial — the attacker filed for causing bodily harm. However, the proceedings terminated. However, there are cases worse: when the rescuers find themselves behind bars. How to help in trouble and not to fall in the dock — in the material RIA Novosti.

«The law has no emotions, I have»

To resort to physical violence even to save the life and health of people should be very careful — it proved once again the story of Leonid Sapele. RIA Novosti published an article about the abuse of 88-year-old resident of Angarsk in mid-September. Then, Shepel, waking up at the weekend from heart-rending screams from the street, rushed to help. In the yard he saw a drunk and brutally beat the elderly woman, knocking her to the ground. Removing the events on video, Leonid multiple kicks neutralized brawler, and then with my friends called the pensioner an ambulance: Clara’s Salamouny was two broken ribs, a broken tooth, numerous bruises. She was hospitalized.

According to Shepela, now injured, has been discharged: it is treated as an outpatient and he feels well. Her assailant Sergey Kravchenko awaits his fate in jail: he was charged under part 2 of article 112: «Intentional infliction of medium-gravity harm to health from hooligan promptings».

Although social networking is the act of Sapele admired, he was threatened with court. «I was invited to a local strong point of the Ministry of interior on 16 October and presented a Protocol on administrative offense under article 6.1.1. The code of administrative offences: «assault causing physical pain, but not entailed consequences.» In this article, entails a fine ranging from five to thirty thousand roubles. The police treated me with compassion, said I did the right thing, but not to respond to the statement Kravchenko they have no right. I was assured that the court will be limited to the minimum amount of the fine,» — told RIA Novosti, Leonid Shepel.

He admits that this turn of events touched him: «you Know, the law has no emotions, but I am a man, and they overwhelm me». Leonid was ready to insist to the end. «It’s a matter of principle. Pass by I could not. Helped the man probably saved lives. Besides, if I lost the case, Kravchenko, there would be grounds to file a civil suit about compensation of material and moral harm, and this is completely different money,» says Sepel.

Saved examination showed that the victim had suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of falling from height of own growth, not because of the impact. In addition, around this whole lot of hoopla, soon it was changed, replacing the words «willful» to «infliction of harm on imprudence». This article provides imprisonment for the term up to six months.

«Earlier I was not judged, therefore, most likely, the case would have ended fine. It is understood and the victim: first he asked me exorbitant amount to disperse «peacefully». After retraining, we agreed on a hundred thousand rubles — a record I do not need. The reconciliation of the parties, the case was dismissed. Nerves I spent a lot more of the people do not stand up. Although it was a situation in which you should have. Well, then there were other brave souls. It is sad that the system teaches people to distance themselves from someone else’s misfortune» — complained in an interview with RIA Novosti Morkovin.

Wrestling, not Boxing

Public attention, helped to avoid potential problems another hero. «The evening of 19 April 2017 I returned from work on the bike. Standing at the traffic lights, saw across the street a man literally hammering into the asphalt of the child (as it turned out, my own four year old son. — Approx. ed.) picks it up and slams the ground. I hurried to help. Punched in the ear, he fell. To be sure, struck two blows. Then brought the child to life. Passers-by stopped a passing ambulance, doctors began to help him», — restores to RIA Novosti chronology of events Ruslan Maliev from Yekaterinburg.

How to help people in such situations and not make trouble for yourself? «When there is no time to wait for the police and we must act quickly, it is best not to use striking techniques and wrestling techniques. For example, to knock the man down and incapacitated, twisting his hands behind his back. This tactic will allow you to avoid injuries, which provides for administrative and criminal liability, and at the same time, neutralize the attacker. Useful to take things to the camera and record the numbers of witnesses in court that will help prove that you tried to prevent crime, not just beat the man» — explains the lawyer Anton pulyaev.

However, he said that there are exceptions — when to act and it can be harder. «So, weapons in the hands of a conventional villain, say, a knife or a hammer, standing over a victim, indicates a clear intent to cause serious bodily harm or kill. Which means that the action of the Savior in the competent lawyer will fall under article 39 of the criminal code — «Extreme necessity». It is clear that you can kill with your hands. However heroics should be careful to justify the good intentions in court will be difficult, especially if the attacker was seriously injured and his victim got off lightly,» concludes the pulyaev.