Contractee will affect hundreds of Ukrainian citizens and companies, Medvedev said

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vulkanesti in fotobanka of Ukraine in KievContractee will affect hundreds of Ukrainian citizens and companies, Medvedev said© RIA Novosti / Alexei Walkerite the image Bank

Sanctions against Ukraine will affect those who harm the interests of Russia, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

«At the same time, of course, neither the decree nor the decree of the government will not apply to Ukrainians overall, this is absolutely unacceptable… as for natural and legal persons, these lists have been prepared. If we talk about individuals, then in all likelihood, it will be hundreds of people who by their actions have caused harm to the interests of our country. There are business people, and other people,» — said Medvedev.

Also, according to him, the sanctions will affect companies that «somehow controlled by such citizens.»

Medvedev said that one of the restrictive measures will ban export to Russia of certain categories of goods produced in Ukraine.

«Maybe this is not particularly customary to say, in any case, our Ukrainian colleagues is not especially stress, but in fact, the trade turnover of Ukraine with Russia is very significant. We are talking about, of course, billions of rubles, and for Ukraine this trade is one of the most rewarding», he added.

The Prime Minister stressed that the government will prepare proposals in the shortest possible time.

On the eve of Vladimir Putin signed a decree about the special penalties that will become a response to the hostile actions of Kiev against the Russians.

Relations between Moscow and Kiev

Relations between Moscow and Kiev deteriorated after the coup in Ukraine, the return of the Crimea to Russia and the beginning of the confrontation in the Donbass.

So, Ukraine has imposed sanctions against Russian companies and individuals, and periodically adds to the list. Last time this happened was in September: under the restrictions were «Russian Railways logistics», «Promkomplekt» and «Gasometer». In addition, in August, Kiev had joined the EU’s decision to include in the sanctions list of the six Russian companies in connection with the construction of Crimean bridge.