Developer NSB commented on the migration of servers booking of tickets to Russia

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in fotosensasi at the airport. Archival photoDeveloper NSB commented on the migration of servers booking of tickets to Russia© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova the image Bank

The project of the Ministry of transport on transferring from 1 January 2020 to Russia server and database systems that provide reservation and sale of tickets within the country, carries risk of interruption of activities of the airlines, says the Director of Finance and the economy, «TAIS», the developer of the platform TAIS PSS, the foundations of a National booking system (NSS), Alexander Sizintsev.

The transport Ministry in July released a draft of requirements for the new system online-booking of tickets. In particular, it provides for the transfer as from 1 January 2020, on the territory of Russia servers and database systems that provide booking and sale of air transportation within the country, registration of passengers and settlements. Currently, the database used by most systems of registration of air transportation in the territory of foreign States.

Airline S7 (second in passenger traffic in Russia, beginning the transition from SITA to Amadeus system), said the risks for shippers in the case of migration to an alternative system. In particular, according to S7, such a transition will bring airlines a major financial loss.

«In our opinion, the draft document does not bear the risk of interruption of activities of Russian airlines,» said Sizintsev RIA Novosti. He believes that the lack of functional integration of the Russian airlines in global alliances is due to the lack of such order when it appears, you can Refine.

«The timing of the implementation of migration on domestic platforms … (until January 1, 2020) is completely feasible for airlines that are not members of global alliances, while for member airlines of global alliances, this issue can be further discussed and agreed with the authors of the document», — said the representative of «THAIS».

Sizintsev assured that TAIS PSS as the basis for the NSB modified and fully meets all the requirements of the airlines. «The decision TAIS PSS is intended to ensure information security of the Russian passengers and the operational stability of the airlines. … For airlines to work with the Russian platforms are cheaper in comparison with foreign and devoid of currency risks. And this could impact on reducing the expenditure side of the airlines and, as a consequence, the decrease in the average cost of tickets,» he said.