In the center of the «Space and air force» by ENEA will launch themed tours

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in photobacteria the Space pavilion at VDNKH. Archival photo.In the center of the «Space and air force» by ENEA will launch themed tours© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite to the photobank

Thematic tour about the planets of the Solar system, where visitors can learn about the first space selfie and practice in dealing with aliens, will be held in Moscow in the center «Space and air force» by ENEA from October 25, said Tuesday the press service of the exhibition.

«In the center «Aerospace and aviation», which is located in the refurbished pavilion 34 «Space» at ENEA, October 25, runs thematic tour about the planets of the Solar system. Visitors will see full-scale models of vehicles, exploring other planets, the real lunar soil, familiarity with the space program of the future and a fascinating conversation about the puzzles, which are fraught with other worlds,» — said the press service of ENEA on Tuesday.

As noted in a press-service date of the tour chosen by chance 43 years ago from 22 to 25 October was received the world’s first panoramic image and the number of data transferred from Venus, which was due to the operation of the automatic interplanetary station (AMS) «Venera-9 and Venera-10», which marked the beginning of the research the planets of the Solar system.

«The new tour will take place in two parts of the exposition center. In the section «CB-1. Outer Boulevard» visitors will be able to see the model of the descent module of the automatic station «Venera-9″ and the panorama of the planet’s surface made by telephotometers AMS. Guests will learn why this photo is jokingly referred to as the first space selfie than mercury is like the moon, where the rings of Saturn, what feature of Halley’s comet, and many other interesting facts about the neighbors of the Earth», — noted in press service.

Center «Aerospace and aviation» opened on April 12, 2018, upgraded pavilion «Space» at ENEA. In the process of restoration, which began in January 2017, the pavilion was returned to its original historical appearance in 1954. In the pavilion on an area of over 15 thousand square meters is located more than 120 unique, never before exhibited specimens of aircraft and space technology. More than 50 objects made specially for the centre. Among the unique exhibits — a full-size mockup of the Mir space station, the model of the first artificial satellite of the Earth and a real lander from the «Union».