In Ukraine the ship «Nord» appreciated almost $60 thousand

© The state border service Ukrainization in the Ukrainian part of the territorial waters of the Azov sea fishing boat Nord. Archive photoIn Ukraine the ship «Nord» appreciated almost $60 thousand© the State border service of Ukraine

The Russian ship «Nord», which will put up for auction in Ukraine, estimated at about 60 thousand dollars starting price, reported by Television news service (TSN) Ukrainian TV channel «1+1».

Earlier, the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office reported on the transfer of the Russian vessel «Nord» National Agency of Ukraine for the investigation and management of assets derived from corruption and other crimes (ARMA). According to prosecutors, the decision was made with the aim of preserving the budget allocated for the maintenance of the vessel in the port of Berdyansk. Then in the office of the Ukrainian Ombudsman said that «Nord» was transferred to ARMAGH for sale at auction.

The TV channel reported that «North» should change its owners after a month, and the boat was rated a little more than one and a half million (53 thousand dollars), but in the course of trading, this amount should increase significantly. It is reported that «Nord» interest to a few large buyers.

«Almost 60 thousand dollars. It’s a little for such a vessel, I think that the auction will show its true value. Rename – it is a question already to the new owner, I think,» — said the TV channel Director General involved in the auction of state-owned enterprises «SETS» Victor Vishnev.

Ukrainian border guards detained on March 25 Crimean ship «Nord» under the flag of Russia in the Azov sea with 10 crew members. All of them are citizens of Russia, but Kyiv considers them to be Ukrainian citizens. Two members of the crew managed to return to the Crimea via Belarus, seven was removed from the flight to Minsk. The ship’s captain is charged with «violation of the order of entry in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and departure from it with the purpose of causing harm to the interests of the state», to it threatens till five years of imprisonment.

The owner stated that the ship is detained unlawfully, and the actions of border guards threat to the lives of crew members. Management of FSB of the Crimea opened a criminal case under article 211 of the criminal code «hijacking an aircraft, sea vessel or railway rolling stock».