«Make it sweet»: how the Kerch doctors saved College students

© RIA Novosti / Maria to Tricaprate in the PhotoBank Polytechnic College in Kerch, in which the explosion occurred«Make it sweet»: how the Kerch doctors saved College students© RIA Novosti / Maria to Tricaprate the image Bank

Life Kerch, a small seaside town in the Crimea, was forever divided into before and after the tragedy, on October 17 in the Polytechnic College. The victims were 20 people. Victims could be more, if not for the doctors Kerch hospital No. 1, who quickly organized the operational headquarters to assist victims.

A fourth-year student Vladislav Roslyakov 17 Oct opened fire and detonated a bomb in the Kerch Polytechnic College. According to recent reports, killed 21 people, including 16 students and five employees of the College. Injured more than 50 people. A criminal case was initiated under article «terrorist act», later it was changed to an article about the murder of two and more persons publicly dangerous method. Roslyakov killed himself in the College library.

The day of memory and sorrow

«The first thing I thought – blew up our clinic, they heard the sound of the fence, the fence. No, not an explosion. Within minutes of receiving Department say that the bottom boy with an eye injury, and his injured leg. And then I realized that once injured, something happened, and we can begin to take people,» says RIA Novosti Deputy chief physician hospital №1 Maya Huzhina.

Huzhina charge of second therapeutic hospital building, which is 200 metres from the Polytechnic College. And the doctor was right: they began to go adolescents. By this time, were waiting for them: surgeons, doctors ultrasound technicians, cardiologists, nurses examined each, bandaging, put a dropper, pricked morphine.

And all the people drove and drove children in the blood of their cars. Here they were given first aid and sent to the main building, where there is operational and experienced surgeons.

«Brought Xenia. She has two legs dangling on the skin, one was tied with a belt, but was bleeding. The girl was in consciousness, (I) asked the name. Written on chest pasta. So all we did were recorded on the hands and feet names, when put harness how much morphine had introduced. I asked her: Xenia, darling, make it to the first hospital, where you will save. But the injuries were too severe. Later learned that he died in the intensive care unit,» recalls Huzhina.

The chief of Department himself had to stand up to the operating table, in the first hours after the tragedy there were not enough hands.

«I operated on traumatic separation of the lower limbs were treated, an audit of shrapnel wounds to the shoulder, it was still an injury to the brachial artery. Attracted a vascular surgeon. The patient unfortunately did not survive. On the stage we lost a man,» — said Miroshnichenko.

He admitted that awareness of the horror of the tragedy comes just now, the first days it was not thought, it was necessary to save the children. A grown man, an experienced surgeon first encountered this, but law confused the doctors was not.

«In total, the surgeons were busy operating about five hours. Finished with one patient, were taken for the following. The longest operation lasted about two hours,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

As in war

Two hours after the explosion and fire at the College to help the Kerch doctors profit ambulance crews from Sevastopol to Simferopol, then the doctors from Krasnodar and Moscow.

According to the chief medical officer of the hospital No. 1 Marat Enikeeva, the first hours is very disturbing to work journalists and relatives, «which created panic.»

«And your colleagues, correspondents, climbed on medical equipment – CT scan machine is in our yard. I had to call Resguardo and riot police,» — said Enikeev RIA Novosti.

According to him, the hospital doctors had to work in really difficult conditions: in one stage in the hospital, which is only rated for 193 places, has received 49 people. To work was caused by all the doctors and nurses who on this day was the weekend.

«Some doctors came as soon as I heard about what happened. Came to help even those who have retired or quit once. We had eight operating tables at the same time, four people were engaged in triage on the first floor. From the children’s hospital brought another x-ray machine. When we arrived in Krasnodar doctors, they immediately joined the operations,» said Enikeev.

He added that some of the patients who could move the transportation, were taken to hospital Temryuk, Krasnodar, Simferopol. The most severe emergency aircraft was taken to Moscow.

«During the explosion I was in the dining room, bought myself a muffin and tea. Remember the orange flash and then an explosion. I sat down. Remember, the buffet had a lot of people, and when I woke up, there were only a few, people just crawled. I heard screams, but some were quiet. I went out through the broken window, and my friend went through the turnstile. She was shot. She is now in the hospital of Simferopol», — reported RIA Novosti Lera.

Lera, according to her mother, Helena, in addition to fractures and wounds, and even rupture of the tympanic membrane.

«Daughter is a music major. We were told that surgery is needed in Moscow or St. Petersburg, to restore hearing. I hope that you will give us the quota,» — said Elena.

«Make it sweet»: how the Kerch doctors saved College students© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photobanks and shooting in Kerch