Putin urged to tighten control over the companies in the field of security

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a forum of the organization «Support of Russia», called to make a permanent and strict control over companies whose activities affect the life and safety of people or relates to specific sectors.

Putin noted that both the society and the state, and the business itself has learned serious lessons from the «Supervisory holidays».

«I must say, and the analysis shows that someone cleverly learned to use, to manipulate the provisions that we took and hide behind them not in the public interest, not in the interests of the state, and in their personal, mercenary purposes», — he said.

«Practice has shown that there are areas where you need a constant and even tighter control. This primarily applies to companies that have a so-called high-risk profile, and whose work directly affects the lives and safety of people. And also those enterprises which work in specific areas. For example, such as the circulation of precious metals and stones», — concluded the President of the Russian Federation.