Rome — our. Italian Prime Minister opposed the Union and goes to Putin

© Depositphotos / Fazon1Колизей in RomeRome — our. Italian Prime Minister opposed the Union and goes to Putin© Depositphotos / Fazon1

The European Commission has rejected the draft budget for 2019, formed the new government of Italy, due to the fact that Rome has ignored the requirements of the European stability Pact, increasing the budget deficit tripled, to 2.4%. If the Italians won’t compromise, Brussels promises sanctions. Does this mean that the European Union came to an end, and why the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte is going to meet with Vladimir Putin right now — in the material RIA Novosti.

It’s quittin ‘ time has passed

As expected, the new Italian government was formed in the middle of this year, changed economic vector. In June, the leaders of the ruling parties, the «League» and «five star Movement» promised that with old the European savings policy will be over and Italy would start to spend money for the sake of the future.

«We believe the people’s interests more important than economic liabilities and not going to make people poorer because of the restrictions and requirements that have adopted other», — said one of the leaders of the «League» Lorenzo Fontana.

Large-scale reforms involve large costs: change in the economy, planned by the new government, will cost the Treasury about one hundred billion euros.

A portion of this amount to 37 billion euros — budgeted, sent to the European Commission.

In Brussels understand that if to live with it, have to agree with a further increase of the Italian spending. Therefore, the Commissioner has taken a tough stance, calling the document an «unprecedented deviation from EU fiscal rules» and threatening sanctions.

However, with «unprecedented deviation» they have obviously got excited. Italy is not the only country in Europe with a budget deficit beyond specified limits. Among those who violate this rule the first year, — France, Spain and Portugal. And neither one of these States, including Italy, does not comply with the norms of the maximum allowable ratio of debt to GDP is 60%. In France and Spain the figure was about 100%, in Portugal — about 125%, in Italy — almost 132%.
President of the Federation Ernesto Ferlengi confirmed it with concrete figures: according to him, the daily loss of business from Italy’s anti-Russian sanctions amount to 12 million euros, 4.4 billion euros per year.

After hearing the complaints of Italian businessmen, Salvini firmly promised: «I will try to do everything possible to return to the Russian market of Italian companies. I will spend it all, and once the sanctions regime will come to an end.»

Analysts believe that the arrival of Salvini in Moscow to prepare the ground for the premiere of Conte, which on October 24 will meet in the Kremlin with Vladimir Putin. According to the press service of the Kremlin, heads of States will discuss issues of bilateral cooperation, will meet with representatives of the business community, and will also sign a number of documents.

© RIA Novosti / Press service of the President to Opperate in Photobacterium Vladimir Putin Rome — our. Italian Prime Minister opposed the Union and goes to Putin© RIA Novosti / Press service of the President to Opperate in Photobacterium of Russia Vladimir Putin

Given that neither France nor Spain nor Portugal has not suffered the punishment for deviation from budget of the EC recommendations, the government of Prime Minister Conte decided to join the camp of the perpetrators. And if the rhetoric of Conte is in the framework of «constructive dialogue» with Brussels, the Deputy Matteo Salvini for word in pocket climbs and promises that the government will not abandon its version of the budget, «notwithstanding the position of credit rating agencies and warning the EC».

It is likely that behind closed doors the two leaders will discuss the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions. That economic interests of Russia and Italy match, hinted Salvini.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister said: if we negotiate with Brussels on the budget will not work, it is not excluded that the next vote on extending the anti-Russian sanctions Rome will use the veto. In this case, the EU sanctions will expire in early 2019.