Roskoshestvo released the results of the verification of doctoral sausage

© Depositphotos / gaimarta sausageRoskoshestvo released the results of the verification of doctoral sausage© Depositphotos / rrraum

. Roskoshestvo completed a study of the quality of doctoral sausage.

A nationwide study was conducted in two stages. For example, last year the experts tested 30 brands of sausages from different regions of the country, and this year another ten.

Doctor’s sausage was checked over 70 indicators: it was looking for E. coli, antibiotics, extraneous ingredients. Experts also drew attention to the taste of the sausage and its appearance.

The results of the research revealed that nine out of ten tested brands meet the quality requirements and product safety.

«All investigated sausages safe, violations of microbiological indicators in it is not detected. No samples and heavy metals, radionuclides and genetically modified ingredients,» — said the expert.

In Roskoshestvo noted that the sausage really made of meat, as in all the samples, except one, found DNA from pigs and cows.

Soy is found only in products of the same brand. Thus, the myth of the widespread use of soybeans has not been confirmed.

None of the sausage did not find cellulose. Also, experts have not identified exceedances in the composition of the sausage sodium nitrite and phosphates.

According to the study, all the sausage was dovarenny, which eliminates the risk of intestinal disorders.