Russian Protestants in Moscow to discuss current challenges to the Christian world

© Photo : press service of POCXBE/Alexander Padrobnosti Roshi Bishop Sergey RyakhovskyRussian Protestants in Moscow to discuss current challenges to the Christian world© Photo : press service of POCXBE/Alexander Gladilov

Small Cathedral of the Russian United Union of Christians of Evangelical faith (Roshi), where three of the hundreds of priests will discuss actual problems of the community, will begin its work on Tuesday in Moscow, said RIA Novosti in the press service of Roshi.

«Our main topic will be the preaching of the gospel in Russia and abroad. Evangelism is important, what is the calling of Christians, and we will discuss in detail how to carry the gospel of Christ, using charitable and social projects as fully complying with the applicable legislation, to reach human hearts with the good news of the gospel,» said national Bishop Sergey Ryakhovsky Roshi.

During the Council, will be presented to the most successful missionary projects, and not only churches Roshi, but interfaith ministries and missions that spread the gospel.

«The Council will also be presented with a «passport of a missionary» – a special development of the legal Department Roshi created in response to the amendments of the «law of Spring» in the part regulating the missionary activity of the Church. Lawyers rashwe hope that this document will become not only a tool for the protection of missionaries from unfair accusations, but provides legal education», — noted in press service rashwe.