The expert spoke about the role of the Leningrad region in the international carriage of

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in photobacteria logistics terminal. Archival photoThe expert spoke about the role of the Leningrad region in the international carriage of© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

Logistics terminals in Leningrad region can play a positive role for the transportation of hydrocarbons along the Northern sea route during the expansion of the transport corridor, said RIA Novosti Director of the Center for economic research of the University «synergy» Andrey Koptelov, commenting on the statement of the Governor Alexander Drozdenko during the visit to Germany about the prospects of the ports of the region in the transport of hydrocarbons.

Great prospects

The delegation of Leningrad region was on an official visit in Germany from 16 to 18 October. Representatives of the region participated at the business forum «the Third business Day: Russia in Mecklenburg — Vorpommern» in Rostock, and also met with the leadership of the leading industrial enterprises of the city.

«We expect that we will continue a very good dynamics of economic relations. First of all, we share a successful experience of joint projects in the sphere of transit, logistics and energy. Today we are going to talk about the completion of the first phase, beginning construction of Nord stream-2. In addition, we will discuss the creation of new opportunities for the development of the port of Rostock. Based on the fact that in Leningrad region there will be new port facilities in Primorsk, plan to create a «coal stream», which will link the supply of coal via the port of Rostock in Germany and Europe. Also, negotiations about the creation of new delivery options Asian container cargo through the Northern sea route, then via the port of Rostock deliver them to the rest of the port terminals of Europe. I am sure that for such large multinational projects the future,» said during the forum, Drozdenko.

Investment is to be

The Governor of Leningrad region also met with the managing partner of the group «Knauf» Manfred Grundke during his official visit to Rostock, which confirmed the intention to invest in the region.

The parties discussed the implementation of the agreement in 2017 in the framework of the XXI St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF), which provides for investments in the amount of 3.5 billion rubles before 2020 in the modernisation of production «Knauf Petrobord» in the town of Kommunar, Gatchina district of the Leningrad region and its treatment facilities.

«It was important for me to hear that the agreements signed at the SPIEF. In the effective interaction are not only interested representatives of the business but also the region because the company guarantees to city jobs and a positive impact on social welfare of the citizens as a whole», — said the head of the region.

He thanked Grundke for commitment to work in Russia and called it «a no less valuable contribution than investment.» Grundke he noted that the positive experience of the company’s units in the region will be used in the work of the entire KNAUF group.

In 2017, the Leningrad region and Mecklenburg — Vorpommern celebrated 15-year anniversary of friendly relations. They were installed in January 2002, when Greifswald was signed a joint Declaration on regional cooperation. The partnership is based on economic projects in the Baltic sea region and the joint business forums serve as a platform for developing business contacts. There are regular visits of official delegations, school and youth exchanges, exhibitions on the culture and history of Russia and Germany, supported collaborative sports projects.

The potential of the terminal

«If we can establish at least a small transport corridor for coal from Primorsk to Europe, it will be a major achievement for the authorities of the Leningrad region», — said Koptelov.

He added that «shipping on the Northern sea route is quite expensive». «Therefore, mass flow of goods from China in the near future we will not see, but the railroad containers from China already delivered a lot of goods, and then possibly expanding the transport corridor,» he said.

«With high probability we can assume that the Northern sea route will be in demand for the transportation of hydrocarbons, and then logistics terminals in Leningrad region can play a positive role,» — said the expert.

According to koptelova, in the current political situation, «current initiatives of the Leningrad region is a good preparation of the soil, and in the case of reducing sanctions pressure on Russia these initiatives will receive their implementation.»