The U.S. military bought hundreds of coffee mugs for 835 dollars

CC0 / Engin_Akyurt / CoffeeКофе. Archival photoThe U.S. military bought hundreds of coffee mugs for 835 dollarsCC0 / Engin_Akyurt / Coffee

The U.S. air force from 2016 to 2018 spent 326 $ 785 for the purchase of special mugs, heated coffee in military aircraft. About it reports USA Today, citing a letter from the Minister of the air force Heather Wilson for Senator Charles of Grisly.

It is noted that a total of three years the us military has purchased 391 such a mug, and on average each mug was spent 835 dollars. In addition, it is reported that only Travis air force base in California these mugs were purchased more than 56 thousand dollars.

In response to her letter, the representative of the airbase said that such a high price for the mugs is because they are used on military aircraft old and have long since been withdrawn from production. And the newer models can’t be installed in older aircraft.

Later, the Senator Grassly said that this embezzlement of budgetary funds is unacceptable, and that in this matter can help of 3D printers, which can print these mugs for the price of fifty cents each.

According to the publication, earlier this year it became known that the US air force also bought toilet flush cover for military aircraft worth more than 10 thousand dollars.