Trump has supported Ted Cruz in the Senate election, calling him a good friend

© AP Photo / Andrew Naked USA Donald trump. Archival photoTrump has supported Ted Cruz in the Senate election, calling him a good friend© AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

The President of the United States Donald trump spoke out in support of Ted Cruz, parasuramesvara on a post of the Senator from Texas, saying that he became his good friend.

«In 15 days the people of Texas re-elected the man who became a really good friend of mine. We had our little difficulties. But really, if you remember, in the beginning it was a celebration of love,» he said on Tuesday at a rally in support of Cruz in Texas. The broadcast is on NBC.

Trump did not go into the details of how their relationship from mutual criticism during the presidential campaign, when both fought for the presidency, turned into a friendship.

«Nobody helped me more with the cuts your taxes, your law, and everything we do, including for the military and veterans than Senator Ted Cruz. No one,» he praised the US President of his former opponent.

Republican Cruz, who in 2016, lost the primaries in Indiana Trump, now enlisted his support to stay on a post of the Senator, which he has held since 2013. According to the October polls, Cruz is ahead of his rival, Democrat 5-9%.

In March 2016 between trump and Cruz’s relationship escalated. Cruz called his main rival in the place of the candidate in US presidents from Republican party of billionaire Donald trump «sniveling coward» (sniveling coward) after a public scandal over wives.

The conflict has inflamed after in social networks spread photo naked wife of Donald trump Melania with the caption, «Meet Melania trump. Your next first lady. Or you can support Ted Cruz». Trump painfully reacted and vowed revenge, calling the opponent a «liar Ted» and continuing to call him that during the whole race.

«Liar Ted Cruz just used a photo Melania for publication by G. Q. in his campaign. Be careful, liar Ted, or I will reveal the secrets of your wife!» — wrote trump in his Twitter microblog.

Ted Cruz immediately said that has nothing to do with the spread of photographs and warned trump from attacking his Wife Heidi. However, after some time, trump posted in the social network a photo of his wife, model Melania and next bad photograph of his wife Cruz. «There is no need to reveal secrets. One picture is a thousand words», reads the photo caption.