Uber plans to introduce in London «collection for clean air»

© AP Photo / Seth WenigАвтомобиль service Uber. Archival photoUber plans to introduce in London «collection for clean air»© AP Photo / Seth Wenig

Uber plans since the beginning of 2019 to take an additional fee from passengers to taxi drivers were able to purchase electric vehicles by 2021, on Tuesday said the head of the Uber Gift Khosrowshahi.

It is expected that for every mile (1.6 kilometers) drivers will charge passengers the so-called «fee for clean air» in the amount of 15 pence, which will lead to more expensive trips to the British capital about 45 pence.

Thus, more than 20 thousand taxi drivers in London can earn extra to buy electric cars, the company believes that by 2021 intends to completely abandon the use of cars with engines on gasoline.

According to Khosrowshahi, over time, Uber wants to «help people to replace your car with a phone, offering a variety of mobility options, whether cars, bicycles, scooters or public transport» using Uber.

Uber is an American company-a pioneer in the field of search and «privateers». Using a mobile application client to reserve a car with driver and tracks its movement on the map. As a rule, drivers are private individuals who use their own cars, clients can assess level of service on a five-point system and put every driver evaluation.