Ulyanovsk oblast for a 3-year plan to reduce the level of poverty by 1.5 times

© Depositphotos / gregoryleeДесятирублевая coinUlyanovsk oblast for a 3-year plan to reduce the level of poverty by 1.5 times© Depositphotos / gregorylee

The Governor of the region Sergey Morozov has put before the regional government the task to accelerate the pace of economic growth in half to reduce the level of poverty, labor productivity in the next three years is expected to increase by 5% per year, reported the press service of the Governor and government of the region.

«In three years we must reduce the level of poverty by 1.5 times, increase labor productivity — the growth rate of this indicator should be 5% per year. At the forefront we also have to put the task of raising the level of competition in the region, growth of wages and incomes. In the next two weeks I’m waiting for suggestions for each of the targets, which have a negative result. We must have a clear and precise plan of action. Already at the end of 10 months to achieve positive results. Moreover, we take as a basis the indicators in the preparation of the budget message for the year 2019 the colleagues from Legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk region», — quotes a press-service of the Governor.

According to the Ulyanovsk Centre for strategic studies, for the first nine months of 2018 oil production in the region increased by 3.4 times compared to the same period last year, shipment of paper amounted to 1.1 billion rubles, which is 31.8% more than in January-September last year, electronic products was produced at 9.4 billion rubles (113,3%), electrical equipment — by 5.6 billion rubles (107,4%), chemicals — 3.5 billion rubles (113,3%), metallurgical products — 3 billion rubles (116,9%). The index of industrial production of computers, electronic and optical products in the first nine months amounted to 121.6%.

«In the agricultural sector draws attention to the increase in the number of cattle in farms of all categories in the Ulyanovsk region at the beginning of October, there were 128,4 thousand cows, sheep and goats. Inflation in the Ulyanovsk region in recent months, is stable and is 102,3% (at the average level of 102,5%). The Bank of Russia predicts that by the end of the year in the country, inflation may reach 3.5-4%. But, according to experts, even under this scenario the target value of the indicator for our region, namely 104%, is not exceeded», — stated in the message.

In addition, in the area is reduced registered unemployment. The level was 0.38 percent. Officially in the region was 3,1 thousand unemployed. The overall unemployment rate calculated by ILO methodology, equal to 3.5%. Unemployed by this technique are 22.2 thousand people. On average in Russia this figure is 4.6%, says the press service.