A ship of the Navy of the Netherlands incorporated into the British aircraft carrier group

© AFP 2018 / Andy Visaplace aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth. Archival photoA ship of the Navy of the Netherlands incorporated into the British aircraft carrier group© 2018 AFP / Andy Buchanan

A warship of the Royal Netherlands Navy will be included in the impact of the British carrier battle group during the first big hike of the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth in 2021, said the office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

As expected, on Wednesday, the British Prime Minister Theresa may will in residence at Downing street the king and Queen of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander and máxima. May meeting will announce plans to deepen defence cooperation with the Netherlands, and also thank the authorities of this country for support «in the disclosure of cyber attacks on political institutions, committed GRU (GU General staff of the armed forces)».

Accusations of «Russian hackers» from time to time nominate in the West. Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of meddling in internal Affairs and attempts to influence elections in different countries.

«The Netherlands is one of our closest allies, as demonstrated by our recent actions on identifying threats of cybersecurity. After we leave the EU, we will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder in combating the threats that undermine the existing system of international relations. I welcome today king Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxim, and declare that the Dutch Navy is the first foreign forces will join carrier strike group. It will emphasize our current cooperation,» — it is told in received RIA Novosti excerpts from upcoming performances may.

Britain and the Netherlands agreed to deepen defence cooperation, both within NATO and on a bilateral level, in October after a meeting of Prime Ministers of the two countries.

After a working dinner at the residence of the British Prime Minister, the king and Queen of the Netherlands will head to the banks of the Thames, where you will see demonstration performances of fighters of the marine corps of the two countries. During the visit, the king and Queen of the Netherlands will also visit the British HMS Belfast, now a Museum, and arrived in London the Dutch coastguard vessel Zeeland.