Artekovtsy sent in UN video

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Artekovtsy sent diplomats of member States of the UN in a video message in which he expressed confidence that we can make the world a kinder, reports a press-service of the international children’s center «Artek».

A video message recorded on the occasion of the United Nations and addressed to the permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations in new York with a request to inform diplomats of various countries about the greeting of the young Russians from «Artek».

«We believe that we can make the world better! We learn from you. We sincerely wish all the world!»- the message says.

Artekovtsy also noted that just as «UN unites countries, Artek brings together children from different countries: 93 in «Artek» was visited by 1.5 million children in 120 countries.»Artekovtsy sent in UN video

The guys call the «Artek» is a recognized center of children’s diplomacy: «the UN supports peace and stability on the planet, and the Artek friends teaches children of different cultures, religions and nationalities. And we rightly can call «Artek» center of children diplomacy».

The video includes footage of a visit to Artek’s permanent representative to the UN and the UN Security Council of Basil, Nebuni.

The Director of «Artek» Alexey Kasprzhak said that children in his video message sought to convey that the children’s centre — this area of the world.

«In the minds of our children the earth is a territory without borders and wars. This ideal world they embody in «Artek». We invite diplomats from the UN to come to «Artek» to learn to listen to each other and to build international relations on the basis of good neighborliness,» said Kasprzak.