Ex-speaker of the Latvian radio offered to «get rid of the Russians» in the country

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Melanoptera in photomontage. Archival photoEx-speaker of the Latvian radio offered to «get rid of the Russians» in the country© RIA Novosti / Sergey Melanospila the image Bank

Ex-speaker of the Latvian radio Mar Crotale, whose voice announced the stop of all forms of public transport in Riga, expressed surprise at the fact that Latvia is still not «got rid of the Russians»; her readers reminded her that leaving the country would have 30% of the population.

In Latvia with a population of about 2 million people live, about 40% of Russian-speaking residents. In the Republic one state language — Latvian, Russian has the status of a foreign. More than 60 thousand Baltic Germans were repatriated from Latvia to Germany in the period from 1939 to 1941.

«Freed from the Baltic Germans. Why is it so impossible to get rid of the Russians? Understand that I now eat for racism and Nazism, but still…» — wrote in his Twitter Crotale.

Former Minister of foreign Affairs of Latvia Artis Pabriks advised Crotale better acquainted with the story.

«I think you «eat» for ignorance of history. If today in Latvia was still the Baltic Germans, we would live in a better country», — the politician wrote.

A journalist and theatre critic Henrietta of Verkhotinsk spoke ironically.

«Yes, in our crowded Latvia would be very good if a third of the residents got up, Packed their bags and drove away. Then will come the Golden times,» she wrote.

Earlier, the head of trade Union of health and social care Valdis Keris has reported that «last year (2017 — ed.), Latvia was in third place for reducing the population in the EU.» And in the Sejm of the Republic reported that the number of young people in Latvia since 1990 has decreased by almost two times.

According to the Central statistical office, the rate of decline of the Latvian population grows the first year: in 2014 the population decreased by 0.77% or 15.4 thousand people in 2015 — 0.86%, or 17.1 thousand people. Population growth over the last year were observed only in Riga — 1.8 thousand people (0.3%). All the other cities of Latvia has lost residents.