In Turkey believe a Saudi Prince responsible for the murder Casucci

© AP Photo / Lefteris PitarakisНа the territory of the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. Archival photoIn Turkey believe a Saudi Prince responsible for the murder Casucci© AP Photo / Lefteris Pitarakis

The crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman is responsible for the murder of opposition journalist Jamal Casucci, said Advisor to the President of Turkey Ilnur Cevik.

«Is that what the Saudis say, a lot of inconsistencies and lies that will not convince even a child. There is a shame which reaches for the crown Prince (Mohammed bin) Salman. At least five people from the «team killers» are part of his entourage, while others would not act without their approval… So even if the US President Donald trump will save the crown Prince, he still, in the eyes of the world – a man whose hands are in blood Casucci,» Cevik wrote in an article published in the newspaper Yeni Birlik.

Saudi journalist Jamal Casucci, who was a columnist for the American newspaper the Washington Post and 2017 were living in the United States, went missing in Turkey on 2 October after he entered the building of the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. State media in Saudi Arabia on the night of Saturday, October 20, issued a message of the Prosecutor General of the country that, according to preliminary data, Casucci dead, and his death brought a quarrel with employees of the Consulate. In this case arrested the 18 people who questioned, the Saudi authorities seek to establish the truth and bring to justice all those responsible.