Madrid will continue to supply arms to Riyadh, despite the fact Casucci

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy in photobacteria-Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez. Archival photoMadrid will continue to supply arms to Riyadh, despite the fact Casucci© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy the image Bank

Spain will not refuse deliveries of arms of Saudi Arabia after the murder of journalist Jamal Casucci, said the country’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

«I join the international public opinion in opposition to and rejection by a terrible murder of a journalist. Our position is clear: investigation of the events, justice has got to take responsibility,» said Sanchez, speaking in the Congress of deputies.

However, he made clear that Spain will not abandon millions of contracts on deliveries of arms of Saudi Arabia, including the construction of five corvettes.

«The gravity of events does not prevent us to act responsibly. The government will defend human rights and peace, but taking into account the Spanish companies that operate in Saudi Arabia, and the Spaniards who need to have a livelihood,» said Spanish Prime Minister.

According to him, «some are looking in the short term». «But I must consider the interests from the point of view that others do not have, by virtue of their positions. I’m doing this, protecting the interests of the Spaniards. Foreign policy belongs to the state, and the urge to look from this point of view,» — said the head of government.

Sanchez also noticed that all the current contracts with Saudi Arabia were concluded not by the government but by the previous administration, headed by Mariano Rajoy. «This government has not sold any weapons to Saudi Arabia. During these three months, not had any sales,» he added.

The position of the government criticized the left-wing party Podemos and the «Republican Left of Catalonia». «We must stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia? Yes. It would be a shame to continue to do so. Primarily for ethical reasons», — said the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, called «to seek an alternative buyer» and to change the approach to foreign policy. «We are not a small country, if you cannot find an alternative buyer, we need to divide the cost of all» — said the leader of Podemos.

The representative of «the Left Republicans of Catalonia,» Joan tarda showed MPs a photograph of king Felipe VI with the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman al Saud. «There is one name, which finds agreement with this rascal, who in the twenty-first century divides the journalist, and that name is Bourbon… to Sell or not to bomb government of genocide is a question of ethics,» said tarde.

The day before the defence Commission of the Congress of deputies (the lower chamber of the Spanish Parliament) opposed the proposal of the government on imposing an embargo on military supplies to Saudi Arabia. Following debates in the Commission against the imposition of the embargo voted by the representatives of the ruling Spanish socialist workers ‘ party (PSOE) and the right opposition people’s party. Centrist party «Citizens» and «Basque nationalist party» abstained.

On Wednesday, the newspaper El País reported that Spain’s national court is investigating the prison for 23 years contracts with Saudi Arabia company Defeх. This company where more than 51% owned by the state, is in the process of elimination. Investigators believe that former executives could pay Saudi side of multimillion-dollar bribes to obtain contracts.

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest buyers of Spanish arms. Military supplies to Spain to Riyadh in 2017 amounted to 270,2 million euros, 133% more than in 2016. This year Saudi Arabia signed a final agreement with Spanish shipbuilding company Navantia to purchase five corvettes, the amount of the contract is estimated at 1.8 billion euros. After the signing of the final agreement on the Spanish shipyards to begin construction of the five corvettes that will be completed by 2022. The contract must provide six thousand jobs in Cadiz (Autonomous community Andalusia) and Ferrol (Autonomous community Galicia).

In September, the Spanish authorities stated that he will not refuse from the contract with Saudi Arabia to supply the country 400 aerial bombs with laser guidance. The possibility of a rupture of the agreement was actively discussed due to the fact that this weapon can be used for air strikes in Yemen.

In addition, this year began to operate a unique high-speed railway between Mecca and Medina, built by a Spanish-Saudi group (contract value approximately € 7 billion).

Last weekend the Spanish foreign Minister made a rather restrained statement in connection with the murder of Jamal Casucci, calling for a thorough investigation.

Washington Post columnist Casucci, which 2017 were living in the United States, disappeared on 2 October after visiting the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. After 20 days the power of the Kingdom confirmed his death in a quarrel at the Consulate. In this case was arrested 18 people, Deputy head of the General intelligence service and the Royal adviser removed from their posts. The king of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud said he will call to account all involved in the death of the opposition Saudi journalist Jamal Casucci. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey was not satisfied with the explanations of the authorities of Saudi Arabia for the murder of Casucci. He also noted that, contrary to the statements of the Saudis, according to him, the murder was planned in advance.