Morozov proposes nutsprogramme business education for schools

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. Ul experience of teaching fundamentals of business schools could be the basis of the national program of business education for students, says the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov.

«In the Ulyanovsk region we were one of the first among the subjects attended to the need of entrepreneurship education for different target audiences. We expect that by 2022 we’ll embrace this project 100% of students. To date, we have already agreed with leading universities on the creation of basic departments in the development of entrepreneurship. Available in the Ulyanovsk region, the experience I offer as the basis for a future national program that could be developed jointly by the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation and «Support of Russia», — Morozov said, speaking at the forum of public organisation of businessmen «Support of Russia» «Small business — national project».

In a press-service of the Governor and government of the region reminded that this year the specialists of the regional Ministry of education and members of the regional branch of «Support» developed a program «Basics of entrepreneurship» for schools.

«The course is 36 hours and involves learning the basics of entrepreneurship in the format of extracurricular activities. The main feature of the educational program is practical orientation. For students there will be regular meetings with entrepreneurs, visits to enterprises.

For teachers training courses on «Theory and methodology of teaching the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in educational organizations», — said the representative of the press service.

According to the President of «OPORA Russia» Alexander Kalinin, Ulyanovsk oblast has always been one of the leading regions in terms of the formation of a favorable business climate.

«And now here began the introduction of universal entrepreneurial education. This will allow you to create the ground for the quantitative and qualitative strengthening of the whole sector of small and medium business», — quotes the press service of the President of «OPORA Russia».