Near Belgorod test the involvement of mother-to child’s death

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The investigation finds out the involvement of the mother’s eight children to the death of her ninth child, whose body was found Monday in the village Volokonovka Belgorod region, reports SUCK in the region.

The body of a newborn girl was found October 22 near the railway tracks. According to investigators, the girl died within one to three days before it was discovered. Cause of baby’s death was traumatic brain injury. A consequence opened a criminal case about murder by mother of the newborn child.

«Spent a complex of investigative actions and operational-search activities has a circle of persons check on participation in Commission of crime. The molecular-genetic examination revealed that the 39-year-old resident of the village of Volokonovka is the mother of the deceased child. The study of women showed that this is her ninth birth», — stated in the message.

As marks a consequence, the education of their eight children the woman was not engaged, it doesn’t work and is addicted to alcohol.

«Soon she will be questioned as a suspect, she will undertake a range of investigative actions and examinations, aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the crime», — informs a consequence.