Notaries of Russia have received electronic access to the registry the Registrar

© Fotolia / lenets_tanМужчина sitting at a computerNotaries of Russia have received electronic access to the registry the Registrar© Fotolia / lenets_tan

. The Federal chamber of notaries has launched a new service of a Unified information system of notaries that provides permanent electronic access of notaries to the Unified state register of the Registrar, the press service of the PNP.

Federal law No. 408-FZ, according to which all notaries of Russia can get information about civil status of applicants directly from the electronic register of the registry office was signed by the President in December 2017.

As explained in the PNP, still the database of the registry offices in each region was carried out separately, and could be used completely different programs. Answers to written queries from notaries of the civil status of applicants had to wait a considerable time, especially when it was necessary to check the records of civil status made in another region.

With a single database that contains all the information about the population of the country since 1926, notaries received the opportunity to quickly check information such as date of birth, change of name of a citizen, the fact of marriage or its dissolution, the presence of kinship, date of death, playing a fundamental role in the design of inheritance rights, the identification of transactions that require consideration of the interests of the spouse and children.

«Operational access of the notary to the information about the marital status of the applicant, his relationship with other persons will allow to stop scams using false documents and to prevent misappropriation of another’s property», — are reported comment by President FNP Konstantin Corsica.

Currently the new service operates in test mode, but already in the coming days, the notaries of Russia will be able to use it on a regular basis by analogy with other resources within the system of interdepartmental electronic interaction (SMEV).

«Fast data exchange with the Registrar’s office will be implemented in the framework of the SIEC, which allows notaries to provide services in a mode «one window», saving citizens from having to collect the necessary data to authorities, and significantly accelerate the number of registration procedures,» said Corsica.