Putin spoke about the popularity of the Russian-Italian brand

© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated in potomacfever Putin during a meeting with Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte. 24 Oct 2018Putin spoke about the popularity of the Russian-Italian brand© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated the image Bank

Joint Russian-Italian brand «Made with Italy» is gaining popularity in Russia, a representative example of this successful cooperation was the launch of the plant in Chelyabinsk, Russian President Vladimir Putin meeting with the heads of leading Italian companies.

«Mark «Made with Italy» is more and more gaining popularity in Russia. An illustrative example of successful and mutually beneficial cooperation — has just commissioned a plant in Chelyabinsk. This is an innovative company full cycle built with Italian technology and will produce high-voltage electric power equipment, power installations that meet the advanced standards of energy efficiency and security,» Putin said.