ROC suggested that «to counter the» anonymity on the Internet

© Fotolia / DragonImagesМужчина working on the laptop. Archival photoROC suggested that «to counter the» anonymity on the Internet© Fotolia / DragonImages

The tragedy in the Kerch College should encourage Russian lawmakers to «put barrier» anonymous presence on the Internet, said the Metropolitan of Kazan and Tatarstan Theophanes at the IV international forum «Religion and peace».

«Maybe now there will be of the opinion that the clergy say again that becomes a hindrance in the way of a free civil society, and democracy. No, we are for the preservation of the most important — human life, that we are, after all, were not the uncontrollable mass, which, however, someone somewhere manages, and would have destroyed each other,» said the Metropolitan.

According to him, the modern world is «the erosion of the internal state of a person», including through digital technologies. The problem with the tragedy in Kerch, on the one hand, lies in the moral and spiritual decline, failure, and on the other the chaos on the Internet, said the Bishop.

«With all that is happening in the world via the Internet, on the Internet, you have to legislatively pay attention to how to protect society, especially the younger generation, from the calamity that can happen, like in Kerch», — said the head of Tatarstan Metropolia.

The Bishop acknowledged that «the technical development of society by leaps and bounds ahead of its moral state» and new inventions and achievements are often used not for the benefit of the people.

The President of Fund of unity of Orthodox peoples (FEPN) Valery Alekseev, in turn, noted the negative impact of the Internet and social networks on the immature mind. «The network is the world weapons, it is directed against States and against individual persons, against all semantic categories, for what man lives», he said.

The seventeenth of October a fourth-year student Vladislav Roslyakov opened fire and detonated a bomb in the Kerch Polytechnic College. According to recent reports, killed 21 people — 16 students and five employees of the College. Injured more than 50 people. He Roslyakov committed suicide. A criminal case was initially filed under article of the attack, but then reclassified it to an article on the murder of two and more persons publicly dangerous method.