Russian pilots said to applause at landing

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in fotobanka in the cockpit of the aircraft at Tolmachevo airport in Novosibirsk. Archival photoRussian pilots said to applause at landing© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

The pilots of the Russian airlines believe that passengers start to applaud at the time of landing of the aircraft prematurely as dangerous taxiing is not yet completed, the company said

The Russian service of the traveling, at the request of RIA Novosti interviewed the pilots of the Russian airlines on how they relate to the applause on Board, and found out that the pilots don’t even hear those applause, which they thank the passengers. In addition, pilots were unanimous in the opinion that to make a standing ovation at the moment of contact of the plane of the earth prematurely.

Constantine working in the Russian airline with a flight experience of 5 years, expressed surprise at the fact that the passengers clap when the plane has not even stopped. «Imagine the situation: you are busy in some very serious matter, your attention focused only on him, and then behind somebody goes over and tries to distract you. How would you respond? In the best case, will not note. And pilot at the time of landing. We have the pulse quickens, the pressure rises. We are no stranger to this moment do not notice all the attention to the process, to devices. Applause we can’t hear. Then the flight attendants reported that passengers clapped. My opinion is that we need to applaud when the plane is parked it’s better,» he said.

Sergei pilot with the flight experience of 30 years in question, as it relates to the applause on the Board, also said that passengers «early days». «Opposed to this tradition to clap when the plane just touched the ground. Often the applause of the passengers do not hear. But girls flight attendants then tell us that the room is clapping. We are pleased,» explained the pilot.

He again emphasized that the applause when you touch the ground, there is no logic, as there is still taxiing. «We have this concept of «gate to gate» — that’s when you deliver the passengers to their place, then you can relax, clap. In all of my work, I only once heard the applause of the passengers, but in the cabin, apparently in the theater at that moment was. So loud and violently clapped», — said Sergey.

He recalled a recent case when landing in Sochi, the plane skidded off the runway and caught fire, injured 18 people. According to him, then, too, after landing, the passengers clapped.

Aviator Maxim, flight experience exceeds 15 years, expressed complete solidarity with their colleagues in relation to the applause on Board. «Would passengers wear seatbelts when sitting in their seats even if the flight is peaceful. In the air there are all kinds of surprises and people need to understand that the Board and they should take care of yourself,» advised the pilot.

Earlier interviewed more than 5 thousand people how they feel about this tradition. The majority (53%) said that clapping: 37% do it always, for them it is a way to thank the pilot for a soft landing, and 15% clap when there is a mood. 22% were opposed to this tradition: do not clap and get annoyed when other passengers.