Ryakhovsky: Russian Protestants will examine the experience of Catholics and Orthodox

© Photo : press service of POCXBE/Alexander Padrobnosti Roshi Bishop Sergey RyakhovskyRyakhovsky: Russian Protestants will examine the experience of Catholics and Orthodox© Photo : press service of POCXBE/Alexander Gladilov

Russian Evangelical Christians will explore the missionary experience not only other branches of Protestantism, but Catholics and Orthodox, said at the opening of the Small Cathedral of the Russian United Union of Christians of Evangelical faith (Roshi), its national Bishop Sergey Ryakhovsky.

Small Cathedral Roshi will be held in Moscow till October 25. It was attended by about 300 pastors Association. At the opening of the Cathedral, in addition to the members Roshi, was also attended by representatives of the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, government of Moscow, Russian Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church, and the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia.

«The Apostle Paul said, Woe is me if I preach not the gospel. So for us, for Christians, evangelism is a basic principle of Christian life,» said Ryakhovsky of the audience.

According to him, the laws in Russia are given the right of citizens to freely practice their religion. The same applies to «the gospel message».

He also assured that the Council will study the best examples in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and not only churches Roshi, but also representatives of other associations and denominations.

«We are studying the experience of both the Catholic and Orthodox churches, and the Lutheran Church, and other Evangelical churches. For us the important concentration of this experience. … To the mission of the Christian and the mission of the Church was fulfilled,» he concluded.