Spain can punish the driver, making love behind the wheel

© AFP 2018 / Gerard JulienГражданская guard of Spain. Archival photoSpain can punish the driver, making love behind the wheel© 2018 AFP / Gerard Julien

The civil Guard of Spain is investigating in relation to men-the driver and his companion, making love in the car on the road while driving.

In social networks appeared a 32-second video, taken by one of the drivers, the footage captured the man, who was driving, and his companion in a moment of intimacy. While all that was happening on the track and the car was driving in the middle row.

During the investigation law enforcement bodies have established that we are talking about the highway AP-6, connecting Madrid and Valladolid, the event took place in the area of province of Segovia, the report said the Civil Guard.

After reviewing several hours of footage cameras of traffic control, law enforcement officials was able to find the car and identify the driver, resident of Madrid, as well as his companion. They can be charged with dangerous driving. The penalty includes a fine of € 500 from six months to two years of imprisonment, and also deprivation of a driving licence for a period from one year to six years.