Taiwan has restored the movement of trains after an emergency

© REUTERS / CHUNG CHOUНа BEING the site of the derailment of high-speed trains Puyuma Express in Northern Taiwan. 21 Oct 2018Taiwan has restored the movement of trains after an emergency© REUTERS / BEING CHUNG CHOU

Movement on an emergency site of the railway in Northern Taiwan, on Sunday a train derailed, completely restored, according to the Central news Agency of Taiwan.

On Wednesday morning, the head of Taiwan’s government Give Cside accompanied by other officials drove the first train on the restored railway to convince people of the safety of high-speed trains.

Speed Puyuma Express train derailed on Sunday at 16.50 local time (11.50 GMT) in Yilan County in Northern Taiwan. The train was heading from the city of Shulin to Taitung. At the time of the accident in the high-speed train was 366. According to recent reports, the accident 18 people were killed and 190 were injured.

According to the preliminary version of the Commission of inquiry, the cause of the accident was speeding on a turn. Later, the train driver admitted that he had disabled the automatic locking system and did not know the exact speed of a train during the movement.