The company «Hudson» asked the U.S. Treasury to be removed from the sanctions list

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Agresivitate in fotomonster of the Treasury in Washington. Archival photoThe company «Hudson» asked the U.S. Treasury to be removed from the sanctions list© RIA Novosti / Alexei Agresivitate the image Bank

Sanctioned company «Hudson» turned to the U.S. Treasury with a request to be removed from the black list, told RIA Novosti Deputy General Director for strategic development and logistics of the company Valery Pliskin.

«On the website of the U.S. Treasury indicate the process of applying for an exception from the sanctions list. We applied, got a response that it is being considered, and if within two weeks of the decision will not need to submit another statement. Now prepare a second,» said Pliskin.

As previously reported, the United States made the list of sanctions on North Korea two Russian companies and six vessels, including the «Shipping company the Hudson» and its ship «Sevastopol». The U.S. Treasury argues that included in the list of the court allegedly participated in the supply to the DPRK of refined petroleum products, which allegedly siphoned from Russian to North Korean vessels at sea.

In August, the South Korean foreign Ministry reported that the Russian ship «Sevastopol» in the South Korean port of Busan is checked for violation of decisions of the UN security Council. At the end of September the company «Hudson» has received notification from the South Korean side that the ship is prohibited out of the port. The company said that it is a political detention. The second of October the South Korean authorities informed the Russian side that the issue in respect of the Russian ship «Sevastopol» is unchecked, it can leave the port.

Later, the company announced that their ships are unable to go to the ports of South Korea, as the authorities put them in black lists. Later, Kononenko noted that the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic solved the situation — there the businessman said that the South Korean side confirmed its authorization for entry of ships in their ports.