The court has appointed the environmental assessment of the site «Sound» in the suburbs

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in Photobacterium Sound. Archival photoThe court has appointed the environmental assessment of the site «Sound» in the suburbs© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

The arbitration court of Moscow region appointed the environmental assessment of solid waste landfill «Sound» in the case under the claim of administration of Volokolamsk near Moscow, demanding to stop the export of waste to the landfill and to reclaim its territory, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

The court granted the plaintiff’s motion. Examination charged, OOO «Expert consulting Bureau named Matveeva». The results of the study must be submitted to the court until December 22. At the time of examination, the court suspended the proceedings.

To the experts, the court raised several questions designed to assess the impact of the landfill on the environmental objects — soil, water, air, vegetation. In particular, the court asks experts to install, exceeded the permissible level of hazardous substances in soil, water, air, and, if exceeded, whether there is a causal link with activities of the landfill.

The court also asked to determine whether it caused harm to the environment, whether it is significant and what is expressed whether the long-term consequences of the injury, whether the recovery of the initial state of the objects in the environment and what actions this requires. In addition, the court asks ecologists to answer the questions of whether the safe operation of the landfill and whether the termination of the landfill to cause more harm than its operation.

At the meeting on Thursday the representative of the defendant, OOO «Sound», the operator of the landfill, objected to the examination. According to him, the lack of harm established by the courts of General jurisdiction. «No harm is caused… Fifteen claims… Everywhere said: no harm,» said the defendant, without specifying what the trial has in mind. He also said that the administration of the Volokolamsk was not the proper plaintiff.

The suit was brought to court in June. The theme of the landfill and operate a landfill has been discussed extensively in the suburbs. On the territory of the landfill «a Sound» near Volokolamsk was introduced emergency mode because of an unpleasant smell, which is a long time coming from the landfill. In March, according to the municipality, on the ground there was a release of landfill gas — to doctors in Volokolamsk addressed several dozen children. The locals associate the incident with the smell from the landfill, but the measurements didn’t show in the air of Volokolamsk exceeding the standards on harmful substances.

Head of Department of the state office of public Prosecutor on supervision over execution of legislation in the sphere of environmental protection and the protection of the Arctic nature Eugene Nadyrshin in June, told RIA Novosti that the test on the site «Sound» is under constant control of the Prosecutor General, which is not allowed to refuse to Institute criminal proceedings.

The court has appointed the environmental assessment of the site «Sound» in the suburbs© Infographicsrussia threat