The mayor of Saratov has rejected the findings of a study about the most drinking city in Russia

© Depositphotos / MaykovNikitaГород Saratov. Archival photo.The mayor of Saratov has rejected the findings of a study about the most drinking city in Russia© Depositphotos / MaykovNikita

The head of Saratov Mikhail Isaev commented on the study, marketers who recognized the drinking Saratov city in Russia.

Saratov has led the rating Agency Zoom Market, compiled by the result of the October poll. Behind him in the top ten of most drinking towns are Khanty-Mansiysk, Perm, Saransk, Krasnoyarsk, Chita, Rostov-on-don, Chelyabinsk, Khabarovsk and Novokuznetsk. Saint Petersburg has occupied 11-e a place, Moscow — 16.

«I don’t think so. And agencies that some measurements do come up with themselves some indicators lay <…> Someone had vzbudorazhen <…> we Have a normal city, normal youth, normal students», — Isayev said to journalists.

In the regional Ministry of economic development also did not agree with the results of a survey of Zoom Market, noting that they are not confirmed by official data of the Federal alcohol market regulatory service. So, for the first half of vodka consumption in the Saratov region amounted to an average of 1.41 liters per adult population, whereas in the Volga Federal district — 3,16 liters.

Criticized the «alcoholic rating» and chief specialist psychiatrist-narcologist of the Ministry of health Yevgeny Bryun. According to him, the most drinking regions of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Magadan oblast, Kamchatka, Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Sakhalin, Bryansk, Jewish, Tomsk, Tambov oblast and Yakutia. Saratov, according to him, is in the middle, like Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Brun explained that this count is carried out on the basis of the registered patients with alcoholism and, in contrast to counting sales, this is the most accurate assessment.