The Plenipotentiary in the Siberian Federal district told about the problems of fire safety in Siberia

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in fotoballoon the representative of the Russian President in the Siberian Federal district Sergey meniailo in front of the shopping center Winter cherry in Kemerovo, where the fire occurred. March 26, 2018The Plenipotentiary in the Siberian Federal district told about the problems of fire safety in Siberia© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

Problems of fire safety in the regions of Siberia after a tragic fire in the Mall «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo is still not fully eradicated, said on Wednesday the Plenipotentiary of RF President in Siberia Sergey meniailo.

«Violations of fire safety requirements not been fully eradicated. Not everywhere that the regulatory authorities show integrity and achieve elimination of violations in full volume», — said Menyailo, during a joint meeting with Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

Menyailo said that the state of emergency in Kemerovo questioned the effectiveness of the system of fire-prevention work and showed that all officials were in place and everyone knew about the flagrant violation of fire safety, in particular, in this Mall.

«But no measures to prevent the tragedy was not accepted neither by the state fire supervision agencies or law enforcement prosecutors. All the institutions of government at the time, unfortunately, the principled position is not shown», — he said.

The envoy noted that the results of the emergency power details deal with the problem. In the regions created interdepartmental working groups to assess the security status of places of mass stay of people, primarily health systems of fire prevention and evacuation locations.

«As a result, a lot of objects of mass stay of people, including the SEC and the complexes did not meet the requirements or do not fully meet the requirements of fire safety. Joint work, these requirements were extended to companies that exploit them. Work is underway to bring them into compliance. As a result, after this work was not allowed the death of people in crowded places», — he said.