Capsules will not supplant the open carriages of the market, said the Ministry of Railways

© RIA Novosti / Julia Chicherina Russian RailwaysCapsules will not supplant the open carriages of the market, said the Ministry of Railways© RIA Novosti / Yulia Chicherina

The second-class carriages will not leave the market of transport services provided by Railways to replace them will come a new generation carriages with eco-friendly toilets and air conditioning, the theme of capsule cars is currently only at the stage of elaboration, said the Deputy head of the management of the business unit «Passenger transportation» Russian Railways Alexander Rotanov during the discussion at the VIII International tourism forum «Visit Russia» in Yaroslavl.

The CEO of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov, in early October, told reporters that the company is discussing with the developers of rolling stock on the basis of the General and couchette cars new zones of personal comfort. Perhaps, he said, it will be a space transformer to be able to form individually by itself, or place the capsule type.

«An ordinary car with reserved seats will not withdraw from the market the proposals of the Railways, they will be replaced with the newest cars with air conditioning, a high level of ecological bathrooms. Question cars — capsules is now only in development,» said Rotanov.

He stressed that in any case, a standard second-class carriage with rail transport will not be expelled and said that the trip in the capsule is an individual story as «there are some people who are afraid of enclosed space and for them this issue will cause some problems.»

According to him, the introduction of capsule is a long way from the presentation of the project to the working prototype.

«When the car capsule would be put into effect, information about purchasing a ticket to this car will be placed on the ticket and the cost of this ticket will not be different from ordinary second — class train,» he said.

In his presentation on the work of the Railways he said that in 2018, the rail used by over one billion people carried on the trains to the suburbs and far studies.

On the question of the inclusion in services of railway stations areas Wi-Fi he said that this year connected to the Internet 107 major railway stations, the next number will be 160.

«As for the use of passengers with Wi-Fi in trains, the issue is closed wagons peregrine Falcon, the trains distant areas this work is carried out. One of the proposals that we are working on the implementation of the local Wi-Fi»,- said the representative of RZD.

Also Rotanov reported that more than fifty per cent of all tickets on long-distance trains are bought through the Internet on the train, Sapsan, that figure is 80 percent.